I though about starting this with an apology for my opinion but I would be lying about being sorry.  I’m not, these people are making me sick.  I’m tired of the whining crying attitudes of people affected by these hurricanes.  I don’t remember hearing all this crap when Ivan hit.  These people are complaining because they don’t have red beans and rice to eat.  Are you kidding me? Your being fed, for free, housed, for free, clothed, for free.   I’ve read about people buying watches, stretch limos, nike air jordans and all kinds of other "necessities" with their Fema $2,000. 
These "poor" people have had their whole lives to get it together and make a better life for themselves, and for most of them they are going to have more help and a better life than they ever have before the hurricanes.  So shut up and appreciate the help you are recieving.

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