Just me whining I guess. Johnny Cash and others who passed who now get more credit than when they were alive

By Justin C Kurtz

November 18, 2005

Category: Music

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Ok so since the days of Hank SR Nashville has always tried to make their music more "pop" sounding to make it appealing to a greater audience.  Understandable, they want money.  However countries true hard core fans dont want a "pop’ sound, hence the reason they embraced people like Hand Sr, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Willy.  What pisses me off though, is most country stations won’t play these "rebels" of country music until they die.  Then all of a sudden they all want to "remember them" by playing tributes to them and then all the "pop" country stars get together and ruin their songs by playing remakes of them in a tribute special.  Just something else that irritates me to death

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