Talking about Thirty and broke – BusinessWeek Online –



Thirty and broke – BusinessWeek Online –


Don’t we all know this feeling.  However I keep seeing things that shouldn’t be.  Why aren’t these people better tought how to manage money.  I too am in dept more than I can afford and am 28.  The difference is I have had two open heart surgeries in the past couple years and have added that debt.  But I only have about $2,400 a month in CC debt.  None of which I attribute to being spoiled when I was a kid and expecting to have the best of everything when I grew up.  I have bought and sold my first house.  And while I have less spendable income now than I did when I was in college it is attributed to CHOICES that I made.  I too have been laid off, but I’ve always been able to find a job.  Maybe people need to wake up and realize that everything isn’t hunky dory.  That maybe they can’t have a $100,000 house and a $20,000 car when they first get out of school.  Things like that take time.  So, quit expecting everything, work harder and spend less.  Maybe universities and other institutions should take an initiative to teach college kids financial management skills.  I was at my college.  Food for thought.


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