Talking about It’s About Jobs – Newsweek: International Editions –



It’s About Jobs – Newsweek: International Editions –


So, why is it that so many people bitch about living in America again?  Wasn’t Jacques Chirac making a lot of dispariging (Sp?) comments about America and out capitolistic society being evil in the recent past?  I believe Germany was doing similar things.  Yet according to this article we have added 59 million to their 17.9 million jobs since 1970.  That sure is a big indicator that capitaism works isn’t it?  I’m interested in the numbers in Japan and other asian nations in comaprison to ours too.  For all our faults it sure does seem like this is still the land of milk and honey and opportunity.  Now if we could just get people to realize this and stop trying to make us a social society that provides for everyones needs with government funded health care and garunteed jobs etc. that DON"T WORK.  SO ALl you Americans out there who don’t like it here and think that opportunities are so limited and things must be better somewhere else, I challenge you to find out where.  It obviously isn’t Europe, so quit your whining and go to work and be happy you can.


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