Where do we go from here

So I have been creating this whole concept of business.  Being a supertramp and doing all the things you can to not only self promote, but self educate, self improve and become self-sustainable.  However the bigger plan is to teach selflessness as an act equals greater improvements of the self.
I am continuing to develop the University of Freedom concept.  Though I found some websites that directly compete with the name, their application thus far is about as good as mine.  Though their web tech abilities are further advanced than mine.  I am still in a rehab phase.  Which brings me to the big picture.
I still want to turn the process of working on my story,which  has created an outlet for my creative energies, that will spawn into the development of a whole system of personal improvement and rehabilitation focused interactive applications. 
I saw an interesting discussion on intellectual property rights and the ability of someone to use an idea, in this example a song, after someone has already heard it.  It was based on one of the websites I found searching for the University of Freedom. 
I am in desire of a laptop for ease of use.
This blog says the word I a lot. 

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