Talking about The MATRIX Wall





We find Conrad standing on the balcony of his apartment.  Lets listen in to his thoughts and see where he is today.

"I wonder if utilizing all these social applications is really a part of escaping the matrix or are we really just building the tools necessary to build the matrix?  I am feeling like Neo played by Keaneu Reeves.  That as a cyborg I can link to the people who are accepting of my cybernetics but build the business I dream of."

He returns to his sustainable office plugs in and begins to write.  Conrad is a writer of a TransMedia Story, writing his autobiographical choose your own adventure, science fiction, fan fiction, business plan book

He immediately finds with an apply button and begins another chapter in his quest for purpose in an un-purpose driven life.

11/21/10 3:20pm

Receieved following transmissions from Conrad Von Supertramp log.

Stay tuned for log updates!!

Watch some of the Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp as he ventures into sustainability and examines sustainable education sustainable homes, sustainable living, and sustainable employment opportunities. http://adventuresofconradvonsupertramp

I have to do some vide uploads as we speak so I’m signing off.


End transmission

11/16/2010 1:00pm




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