Talking about The MATRIX Wall. Living a transdimensional life



i walk through the deathly hallows of Germanies airport. Security is heightened and we meet. My instincts go live as my face books an appt

After face books the appt you enter myspace, and I open my mouth and begin to twitter. Before long we’re linked in a Rangel over Prince William

It is a black friday and you #slapyourself for picking today for #myworldanniversary……YOu are reading a Conrad Von Supertramp event

You enter through the Matrix wall and begin your ride.  

When we pursue our goals and we get to the point of landing on the target we should remain steady, calm, focused on what a successful landing looks, feels, sounds like. 

No matter what you do in life when you apply yourself to a goal there is a period of what in other peoples perspective is hard work.  Long hours, lots of study and sacrafice.  Whether it is college, or working long hard hours at a physically demanding job, you can always be assured that to achieve success you have to work hard.

You cruise your ship through the deathly hallows of space and time and you ride through America today.


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