Talking about The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management: The Death—and Reinvention—of Management: A draft synthesis

By Justin C Kurtz

November 18, 2010

Category: Entertainment

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This is a great example of the shifts introduced in I’ve Got Heart, the ultimate guide to a sustainable life. 
All levels of society are coming together into one giant melting pot where  all the ingredients, including the kitchen sink are thrown together to make things work for everyone involved.
This is definetely a shift that needs to happen on a large scale. Not just in business but in government, religion, social media etc. This idea of throwing everything at the problem at once to solve our major challenges is what we focus on here at
You can look through the comments and see how people are applying this.
When developing a transmedia story book like the Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp where characters come together to create virtual world, and real worlds in business and entertainment. 
Supertramp Consulting helps business create the Story of Their success.  Transmedia based solutions to their business challenges.
Check out for more visions of the Transmedia solution to life.

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