Education costs rising? A Solution

  07/02/2010 10:28:52 PM

 A Supertramp News Update

             Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois cut the fiscal year budget 2011 that begins today by slashing spending of 1 billion dollars in such wasteful enterprises as Education, and the care of the physically and mentally challenged.  Saying “it was a good start”, Quinn and other Illinois state employees such as the Chambers of the Illinois representative branches of government.  I wonder who exactly they are representing.  It sure isn’t the children, physically or mentally challenged being represented.  Especially true considering that all our traditional education is controlled and given the graces of operation by the state.  So in essence Gov. Quinn is really stating that even he knows education is a failure.  I’m sure he is aware that throughout history when leaders aren’t able to cope with the demands for growth in a given society they have options.  One easy method of ridding yourself of these annoying burdens on society is to exterminate them.  History has proven to us time and time again that the answer is always to kill off the sick, insane, or otherwise draining on societies.  If kids are failing we have plenty of overcrowded jails to try and put them into.  Remember we the State of Illinois are willing to take terrorists to fill our empty jails we can’t afford.  So what are a few thousand more kids who don’t make it through the “training of life into adulthood” that schools represent?  Since we cut the schools budgets they should become more efficient and effective, suddenly, like yesterday.

             That’s not really going to do much damage to the $13billion in debt Illinois currently carries.  Even if the cutting of $1billion in the budget were suddenly put toward the debt load, we’d still have $12billion, not counting any interest expenses.  This doesn’t get us out of debt; it just removes some money from areas that aren’t important so we can pay for the ones that are.  Like the highest paid government salaries in the country.  Can’t cut that!  That’s well deserved and earned.  Kids should have to go out and fend for themselves.  Help those disabled and insane people?  Who are they fooling they don’t need more help.  Just because your representative government in this state gets meals paid for, healthcare paid for, transportation paid for, security paid for, assistants paid for, office supplies paid for, and hookers paid for by your tax dollars, this is all before their salary is paid for.  Oh and don’t forget after about 5 years your vested for life.  Never have to worry about drawing a paycheck again.  Or pay for healthcare, or security, or hookers for that matter.  I’m sure they will give themselves another raise this year.  Cost of living and all, though they fail to see it is their policies that cause the higher costs of living.  Why should the taxpayers expect anything as trivial as a decent education or care for those who the system of government assistance was built to assist. 

It seems that the problems are always the individuals, never the institutions.  Colleges and Universities aren’t the problem with education, students are the problem.  Teachers are great it is students that cause the failure.  Like this quote “In my experience, they [unsuccessful students] do not succeed at BC because they are unwilling to put significant effort into whatever it is they are doing… either in their studies or elsewhere. They think that by just showing up they can pass the class without any effort whatsoever. I don’t think a student’s success is all a student thing… it’s a two-way street and students must be willing to do what it takes to succeed,” said Rosellini.  Various factors contribute to student failure rates – News.

What about the horrible availability of student services?  What about the fact that students have to compete for classes they want or need?  Why aren’t these things evaluated?

            I watched some Disney show with my son today called imagination movers.  It is a show about these four guys who all act retarded but try to teach ideas like brainstorming, coming up with innovative answers.  I’m thinking to myself, wow, maybe our government should watch kids shows.  Then I realized governments really were just brainstorming.  Throwing ideas out there, trying to get the  people to back their play.  Though it seems whatever is the most unpopular thing that is what government is going to do.  That seems to be the decision-making going on.   Maybe they should find new ways to locate good Ideos?

           We come upon the Fourth of July.  A date marked for my lifetime in the celebration of our Independence from Europe.  Yet I live in a world that is going back to methods of “fixing” things that didn’t work for much of Europe, and isn’t working here.  Like tuition hikes, carbon credits, and socialism.  It isn’t just this administration it is a mentality of an inequality amongst people of many nations.  We’re either conceited or groveling for forgiveness over the success of our nation.  Maybe it is a sense of age, they are the older nation therefore wiser since America is only 200+ years old.  We keep forgetting our original history.  The people who lived here, peacefully for the most part, lived in harmony with all that was around them.  A living Garden of Eden.  I’m sure it had minor annoyances like mosquitoes or feast and famine living. However God was providing all they needed.

             Now we live in a time of excess.  When most of us have so much stuff we can’t find room to put it all.  So what could we really do to fix the economy and see a “recovery”?  We manufactured our way out of the Great Depression.  We would have to spend the last stimulus bill on renovating many of our manufacturing plants in order to automize our manufacturing. Instead GM built a plant in Mexico.  Well, manufacturing won’t work because manufacturing facilities should be built using computers and scanners to do most the work for us.  So do we manufacture in a 20th century mentality with 21st century technology?  Machines do break and fail.  Maybe we could simply employ lots of repairpersons to sit around and wait for things to break?  We could call them part of a Union.  We’d still need to find a product to make.  Kindles, Iphones, Pc’s and gadgetry stuff?  Medical equipment and technology related products? Hmmmm?

             Maybe we could employ this next generation simply taking care of the last generation?  Turn all the young into service people to the older generation.  Payback for all of our youthful rebellion.  Make me listen to rap music will ya, change my diaper and bring me some more string beans, you need my savings to survive kiddo!  Whew what a vision that just brought up.  Grumpiest Old Man IN THE NURSING HOME the final movie to the Grumpy Old Men series of movies. 

           Oh that’s the solution.  We can keep making repeats and copies of every decent movie ever made, and many indecent movies made.  That should fix the economy.  Look how much money movies make.  Except we’re getting to the point that the computer graphics can far outdo people’s talents, even in the area of acting.  Maybe a voiceover specialist at the most but that’s no million dollar gig like professional acting is. 

             Hearing a former teacher say that they just didn’t get paid enough to deal with more than 15 children at a time.  I’m not really sure how to feel about a statement like that.  She praised a close school district that has more than that and was amazed at how much better the teachers must be over in “that town.”  How is that town any different from Our Town.  Why couldn’t the teachers get together and discuss ways to be more effective? When given a solution that they didn’t think of simply respect that other people may be better at a chosen profession than they are.  Maybe we should make teachers awards that are as publicized and glamorous as the dozens of awards programs for acting and music. Emmys for teachers across the globe.  Popularize them on myspace and youtube.

 I came back to this article on 11/26/10 at 10:30 am with images of violence as students protest tuition increases. So I am again taken back to the original idea that education is free.  Real education is free.  Programs like this link only try to encourage access to college, rather than access to the reality that the student can teach themselves.  More and more people are realizing that the traditions of education are not preparing us for the realities of the working world.  Not only that we aren’t developing a life-long learning mentality.  The purchase of the degree does nothing to prepare us for chasing our dreams.  We stand in solidarity as students and people around the world begin a revolution in education.   


             With the University of Freedom, you can learn how to create a tailor made educational experience that focuses on your desires, your ambitions, and your goals.  At the University of Freedom U is at the center of everything.  U decide what classes you need to achieve your dream job.  U decide when and where you want to take a class.  More than anything U determine when you “graduate.”  Do you want a piece of paper, U can create that too.  Solutions exist and they are so easy to find.  Real education comes from experience.  Experience comes from living life to the fullest.  Living life with heart to find real profits.  I’ve got heart, do you?  Are U at the center of your educational experience.  Do you feel that U are the key to unlocking the universe?  If not then you need to contact us today and learn how to get access to the key to the universe.

After posting this articles, hundreds of students around the world start asking themselves, why do I need to pay someone thousands of dollars over 4 years to be handed books to read that I could pick up from the library for free?   Why do I need to pay someone who hasn’t worked in years to teach me how to do my job?


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