Prospering with multiple streams of income a review

Is the prospering method a scam?  I don’t know; I didn’t go through with it because I just couldn’t take the six thousand dollar hit to my empty pockets with no guarantee of results.  Yet the manner in which I was treated after saying I wasn’t interested was pretty darn nasty as I was told “You don’t know as much as you think you do” and “You can’t do it on your own.” 

Since developing my own business model about two years ago, based on the concept that people have to think big and act small in order to compete in today’s market; and that everyone needs to develop multiple methods of generating income I’ve been led down a pretty amazing journey of learning.  I found some great books that told me I was on the right path.  One of the most influential books was Robert G Allan Multiple Streams of Income.  I was so impressed with myself for having these same ideas, and with Mr. Allan’s book that I almost spent the six thousand dollars with to “learn” how to generate more successfully my multiple streams of income with the internet. 

It wasn’t until I found out that I was capable of landing my videos on the top spot with Google, without paying a dime for any of the tools that I used that I changed my mind.  I had been “accepted” into the Prospering program and was about to get going when I searched for myself, and the videos I had already created (for free) were on the top page in Google video.  So what was my tuition going to get me?  Access to a coach who would tell me whether or not my ideas were good and where to buy the tools I needed to be successful.

On the website the founders say;  “We both came from families that weren’t especially well off. We had to pass up a lot of luxuries. Our background wasn’t necessarily conducive to founding a business, but we have succeeded, against the odds.

In our conversations with students and in reading their success stories, we see that many have a common thread—that people around the student didn’t think they could be successful. Those surrounding the student thought the odds were against them, so they should just stick with the status quo. That’s what we do: we help people overcome the odds.”

Yet in my dealing with the account executive that was “evaluating” whether or not I should be “accepted” into their personal coaching program I was told that I couldn’t do it on my own.  I couldn’t do it with free resources and free information that I could gather throughout the internet and at libraries and from people who were successfully doing it on their own.  So if these guys can do it, why couldn’t I?  My account executive was pretty rude when after being accepted I changed my mind, because commitment is one of the things they are looking for.  If I committed to myself to learn how to develop multiple methods of making sustainable income in order to get off of disability for free, and teaching other people to do the same was I really following through with my own personal commitments by paying them to teach me?  NO. 

Did I really want to be a part of a program that was trying to convince me to pay them money I didn’t have so they could tell me where to go to buy more products or services to help my business grow with even more money I didn’t have?  NO! 

What I wanted was to prove everyone wrong and start a revolution in learning and business that YOU CAN do anything you dream and YOU CAN do it for free!

The prospering system doesn’t do the work for you.  It simply teaches you how to go and find the information you need, where to look, what products work, which ones don’t but they don’t do the work for you.  No-one is ever going to do the work for you.  You always have to take the action to apply it, all they do is send you in the right direction and help you learn for a six thousand dollar tuition payment. 

Supertramp your life to create sustainable income for life!

I’ll show you how to find that information for a whole lot less than six-thousand dollars.  I can show you, and share success stories, of how people took one-hundred dollars that they got for free, bought retail product, resold it and grew themselves a business that provides them multiple streams of income without paying anyone else a dime.  The University of Freedom charges a $100.00 non-refundable application fee and that is it.  You will never pay me another dime to learn how the University of Freedom operates.  You can purchase my services as a teacher for one-on-one sustainability coaching.  You can purchase my student consulting services to help you find and build a successful sustainable business. 

When I developed the University of Freedom and Supertramp Consulting it was because there exists in our society this mentality that you cannot succeed on your own.  That you have to pay top dollar for top knowledge yet traditional education methods continue to fail.  Yes you can pay someone else for the information, for help and access to their knowledge.  Sometimes this is appropriate to do.  You can also create a sustainable life by developing sustainable methods of self education.

I also believe that if you are looking to create a prosperous business with multiple streams of income generating wealth with little to no long-term effort; that purchasing knowledge is one way to do it.  However you don’t have to.  The great thing about most successful people is they are always willing to give you insight and information about how they did it.  Usually at a cost, whether you’re buying a book, or attending a seminar.  What if you could get that information for free though?  What if you never had to pay “tuition” for a program or learning experience ever again?

I was broke, depressed and praying for death when I began my business adventure.  Today I’m rich beyond my expectations, I’m not depressed, or praying for death. In fact life for me is now better than I imagined it ever could be.  I have turned the internet into my virtual rehabilitation program that I dreamed up for a book two years ago.  I have used video, blogging, and the creation of my ultimate self to create a virtual existence where I am everything I want to be and I am happy.  Money was never a goal for me so the fact that I don’t have millions doesn’t really bother me.  I do get paid to ride my motorcycle. I get paid for my videos.  I get free access to all the tools I need with my apartment, which I also furnished with my dream furniture for free.  This was accomplished utilizing my virtual rehabilitation program.  So if you are considering buying into any program or paying tuition to learn about anything, or partnering with anyone who wants money from you then stop!  Give me the opportunity to show you how I’m obtaining my dreams and not paying anyone.  How I’m educating myself, and creating a successful business for free.  Because if I CAN YOU CAN!  I am Conrad Von Supertramp and I am Supertramp consulting.  I can help you all you have to do is ask.


Justin C Kurtz

AKA Conrad Von Supertramp: Writer, Teacher, Consultant, Philosopher, Space Biker.


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