Future of Employment

Conrad Von Supertramp
DEF SUPERTRAMP An ecological entity capable of quickly and easily adapting to new and various surroundings.
12/01/2010 1:44 AM

Since I am a cyborg from the future I’m going to paint a picture for you of one potential utilizing augmented reality theory to determine a future method of hiring adobted by Human Resource specialists across the globe. It is the process of “virtual verification” as far as I know I am coining that term at 11.30.2010 11:37:34 PM

Hiring managers are already getting into facebook, myspace, and other methods of evaluating potential candidates. What I am proposing is simply a developed method of potential employees utilizing these spaces on the internet, capatilizing on the potential to create a web-page etc. to house their virtual resume.

For me, I want to see candidates with multiple sights and since I believe in investing in those with future potential a part of the resume must detail what they would do given a certain set of factors. Annual salary, hours worked etc. Within their chosen areas of employment searching in order to reach their own personal goals.

More specifically employers would be able to hire contract laborors based on what they wanted to invest in an individual, over a certain amount of time, for an agreed upon set of dual obligations, in order to accomplish goals of both employer and employee.

For instance; Conrad Von Supertramp could sell his services in skill A for B months to company x for y amount of dollars. Like http://www.sologig.com but allowing the full potential of a person to come forth. Supertramp consulting is most interested in hiring people who have personal interests in video gamming, space travel, science fiction, literature, religion, e-commerce, and technical gadgetry. I also need the hard skills of mechanical engineers, software and hardware programmers, web-site programmers, videography specialists and more. If I can find people who have hard skills and the personal interestes that are relevant to Supertramp Consultings mission and goals, who if I partnered with, or Hired, I would have an easier time relating to as a manager, so that I could clearly communicate the companies mission and goals in a way that is relavant to those I work with. Project managers, and team leaders can communicate messages more clearly when they can be described in a way that is relavant to the person recieving the message. So if I know what you as a partner, or employee has as a personal interest in movies, I could possibly relate situations in real life with situations simulated in a movie. Only if we both have seen the movie, and can recollect specific scenes will this work. It can be done with music, or the individuals goals.

My name is Manager Von Supertramp I AM managing my employees. It is the beginning of the day, and what a dusy, orders for the new SuperBook are soaring according to the printout from above. Above is always sending down information about what is going to happen. In manufacturing and retail it is a part of the just-in-time inventory system. So according to todays numbers we need to produce at maximum capacity today in order to meet these objectives.

Now, in step numerous stakeholders into the scene. (Readers)
The suppliers: These are the providers of the raw materials needed to manufacture the SuperBook. All of them must operate at maximum efficiency to ensure I have enough raw material. I am dependent upon their success!

Retailers: The people dependent upon my success. If I don’t produce at maximum capacity they can’t get the product. They are dependent upon me!

Customers: The people holding the retailers responsible for providing the products they want at a price they will pay, or else! Who are they dependent upon? Without the customer wanting a product there is no need for anything to happen. What happens when people start to want less and less?

The economy slows, because people aren’t busy working as providers, suppliers, and retailers they can’t become consumers. So what can we do besided create more stuff people don’t need to get them to spend money and keep the economy moving? We’ll come back to these questions later.

Employees: The people I need to turn the raw material into the finished product for the customer. Why does this person care if the customer gets what he or she wants? Managers, business owners, are expected to be part motivator. Encourager to provide an equal days work, for an equal days pay. If a company pays one-hundred dollars a day they expect one-hundred dollars worth of work from my employee. Who is the employee responsible to?

Organizational behaviourists study the principles of what makes a given organization tick. This was the area of analytics I really wanted my MBA in. How can I get action A to elicit desired response B throughout a particular organization, or group of people? What is an employer to do when they don’t feel like they got their hundred dollars worth in a particular day? Many times employers are held over a barrell because of the concept that it takes to much to find a replacement.

The reason it takes so much is because of the paperwork, and pre-requisites that a person needs in order to become a “associate” or “employee” of a firm. Interview, background check, drug test etc. However for most positions a fairly warm body actively trying to learn a jobs dimensions, as well as one who can provide the desired results from the given stakeholders will do. This is what led to the birth of the temporary agency. A great time and money save for business, but a frustrating experience for many employees. Temp agency means temporary. However what isn’t always well spelled out is the fact that YOU as the employee are temporarily an employee. This is not always a steady line of work.

What if you pursued three or four lines of unsteady work?

Rather than looking for that one dream job that will provide you with everything you need what if you have multiple jobs? Is it really that horrible of a concept? Especially if the jobs you targeted could provide you with the skill and knowledge to achieve your wildest dreams. Even if those dreams are to ride a space chopper into a black hole.

Looking back on my time as a manager I can see many lessons learned. Many failings on the road to becoming what I would define as the manager I would like to be might be avoidable if you choose to learn from my mistakes. However today, thanks to Supertramp Consulting transdimensional hiring firm I can communicate clearly with each employee in thier preferred language.

After recieving the orders status I pulled my dosie of employees to begin rallying the troops. It was going to be a busy day and I wanted to alert them as soon as I knew so they could put their game faces on.

Each employee file shows me their immediate goals via an update recieved from their networking account. (I purposefully remove social from this sentence to convey that it is more than just socializing) As part of their employment network. I saw four key people were on approved time off synced with their calender and mine. I then query the files to find employees with matching skills, I find only 2 employees with qualified experience. I see five matches for each position of interested in learning and make my move. I send texts to the text speaking employees. Post a bulliten on my facebook, and give a twitter to those who give a tweet. I then spead dial my phone callees on my (Insert your favorite phone here) (Insert poll) On the way to the shift meeting room I finish my phone call and meet with the face-to-face people. Each of these groups of people recieve the same data that I recieve. Based on a great book by Jack Stack called “Open-Door Management” The only thing I really got out of my time studying at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. was a good book to read.

After I answer questions from the face to face crowd I head to sync with those from above. When here I am a representative of my own personal goals and dreams. Each employee I spoke to had to have their dreams and goals motivated in the language they spoke. For some I had to use my galactic translator (powered by (Insert your company here)) which was really based on voice reading for the blind, where text can be read to you if you don’t like to read, or prefer an adio version. Usually for free within your software. Anyway, the original thought was to simply reverse the translation into their accepted speach pattern, or language, then it all got lost in flight somewhere in space.

The point is most of the text friendly users probably have several degrees of similarity in personality to prefer texting to speaking. Shy, social disorders, mumble or grew up with a speach impediment, or perhaps is just mute, or autistic and can only speak in wrds wth vwls rmvd lol wdnt tht b fnny 😉

ROFLvnMAO @ exptd #’rs tdy pt yr gme face on((insert emoticon)) 100% cpcty!
Success=Reward if U apply = Effort LST 100% on x/x/xxxx UCAN ICAN WECAN!
U WNT Xgl I XPCT Y effort U gve Y effrt u gt clsr to Xgl ALL 🙂

That was my practicing motivational texting, depending on whether or not one speaks text will determine the effectiveness of this attempt.((Insert Poll)) As does whether or not this is an appropriate message style for said texters, I’m simply hypothesising to demonstrate that without the appropriate understanding of each language my effectiveness, or preception of whether or not the above sentence was effective will be lost.

So should each person provide a list of approved languages? What the future holds only imagination will tell us. However every relationship should have a clear definition of terms and objectives. My updates of the expected day included my desire to train as many people as possible in these key areas where I am lacking support. So the entire team knows what the game plan is before it is time to begin. After syncing with those from above, advising them of the decision and the expectation that my team could overcome the challenges laid out before them barring any gyrations in our positive rotation to success.

Each person then went about their way to do what they felt would make them most effective. Methods similar to this are being utilize in schools. Though that doesn’t make it a garuntee of success, just one potential method of creating as much bliss as we can. What is needed is a break from the chains of the real world. Conrad Von Supertramp can travel to multiple worlds, like ((insert your favorite virtual world here)). Visit with people living in mutliple dimensions of time (remember that someone in California is in another time as someone in New York, multiple dimensions of space and time) to share methods of success and happiness for free. Because he can.

Ok team, antey up time. For all you readers who want to get more involved in the book but don’t have the cash to become part of the story there are many other ways to become part of the story. To find out more Contact Conrad Von Supertramp


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