Cooking With Daddy

Cooking with Daddy
A transcript from the latest Adventure Cooking with Daddy, a tv show style game played with my son to show the ease of cooking
Utilized Scientific method. Utilized Math. Home Ec. Project Planning. Economics and Sustainability.

In today’s adventure we baked Banana Bread.
Identified methods of alternating measurements to utilize math skills. EX” Only have a 1/4cup measuring cup and need 1 ¾ cups of flour (Fractional addition) Measuring solids
Experimented by Subtracting 1/3 cup from 2/3 of cup of sugar. Hypothesis? Less sweet/healthier
Broke the process into categories. EX: Gathering or material handling, prepping, or prework, mixing ingredients or production, cleanup, oven management waste disposal and other jobs. ID’d managerial roles and needs to ensure Just in time inventory of materials arrives at precisely necessary time for ingredient mixing etc. Also includes opportunities for supply chain management.
Tool ID and spelling Whisk
Homework: Write reports on ingredients Baking soda, Baking Powder, Flour. Include chemical reaction, why do we use these? What does each ingredient do chemically to get desired results?
Experimented with dimensions of taste, color, texture and flavor of ingredients.
Homework: Detail ingredient findings?
Learned that mashing bananas is faster and more efficient in the peel (time management)
Physical activity, stirring the food by hand.
Experimented with dimensions of pre-cooked batter and post cooked batter (Taste texture etc.)
Homework: Detail findings of experiments in batter.
Current events: Government seeks to ban bake sales at schools.

Many homeschool parents are heard saying “We aren’t doing school right now because I can’t afford the materials.” Do you really need that much material to teach? Can we simplify the educational process?
SO with education failing we’re going to take away baking with all these educational opportunities built in for free? I think it is time for an Educational Revolution to provide people with the real power of being able to identify Free educational opportunities.


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