Alternative Energies: Looking at sustainable energy



A Supertramp Solution


Conrad Von Supertramp

12/10/2010 10:32:21 AM

                Energy is a funny thing.  When we are young we are full of it.  As we age we never have enough.  Whether it is for our home, car, or self we are always in search of energy.  We say things like “if only you could bottle the energy of my two year old.”  In regards to our homes we are now looking at how to harness the energy of the sun, wind, oceanic currents, thermal winds, and even space wind.  However the human body has yet to fully develop its own unique energy potentials. 

                If we had more energy, we could do a lot of the things that our machines do for us now right?  Walk or bicycle to work?  Take stairs instead of elevators?  When does it stop though?  Should we go back to hand washing our clothes?  For that matter what about making our own clothes?  How about raising all your own food?  Some of these things may seem far fetched but many Americans are doing just these things every day.

                Now many people live lives where we have to go to gyms, and buy fancy machines, all to burn off excess energy, or to lose weight because we are all sitting around to much.  We pay for nutritionalists, doctors, fitness experts, and more all to use energy to get into shape.  What if you put that energy into your joys?  What if you directed it towards fulfilling your own needs.  There are still countries where fresh clean water must be carried miles before it can be used.  No couch potatoes living in those countries. 

                Luckily for our future we have the capacity to combine a little bit of the old world with a little bit of the new in order to find effective means of generating, and utilizing the available energy that we have.  Why isn’t every treadmill, stationary bike, and stair stepping exercise machine hooked up to a generator to create electricity to put back in the grids?  People are full of unspent energy, yet we down energy drinks and caffeine at an alarming rate in order to get more.  I fully appreciate that sometimes after getting up at 5am to drive the 30-60 minutes to work; working a 10-hour day then the 45-1.5 hour drive home makes for an exhausting day.  Yet thousands of sleep aids are sold to the same people who buy exercise equipment because we are still unable to be tired enough to sleep.  Do you think the woman who hauls water 1 mile a day for all her families needs has trouble sleeping at night?

                I don’t want nor propose going to a system of societal change which requires us to all return to an 1800’s form of living.  However a healthy combination of the 21st century and the 18th century may not be a bad thing.  Imagine if you could recharge your personal batteries much the same as you recharge your cell-phone battery simply by living a more physically demanding life?  Remember that we are thinking about the future.  3, 5, 10 years out.  What are you willing to give up to keep electricity, and fuel rates low?  That seems to be the only option these days.  Either pay to upgrade to super high efficiency Government approved efficient models of products (forced consumption), or give up these “luxury” items all together. 

                We know solar and wind power is not viable for the masses for years to come.  Even now it is facing huge hurdles in efficiencies, safety, and its own long-term sustainability.  Large wind turbines are proven to lose stability in their shafts at around 20 years.  So in 20 years these large turbines are going to become unstable, and therefore unable to produce electricity.  We’ve yet to see what the long-term challenges with solar are, but we already know battery capacity is limited, and if there are clouds, then there is no energy created.

                So what do we have a lot of that could be utilized for energy production?  Many people are working on this very subject, but even despite the recent Gulf Coast Oil Spill our natural resources of coal, and oil remain our best options for the foreseeable future.  Until you can modify an old car to become more fuel efficient, or run on electricity, or hydrogen, whatever is introduced as the solution, then we will need fossil fuels, which were naturally made over millennia just for our consumption today. 

When we start looking at the energy potentials that aren’t being discussed because they seem to science fictiony that is when I get concerned.  Why aren’t we looking into Tesla’s methods of powering the world?  Why aren’t we looking at ways of harnessing kenetic energy more?

Solutions exist.  Do a Google search for Purpetual motion engines, or any other specific alternative style motor you can think of and I promise you will find people with potential answers.

Like all solutions it is only a potential until people embrace it.  What shall we create that everyone can embrass and makes sense for at least two generations worth of citizens?


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