Upgrading Technology GoPro Hero

Motorcycle travel in the Dallas area in the 21st century requires a certain amount of gear that riders of an older era can remember living without but seem like staple requirements to todays road hardened travellers.
In a search for the ultimate tech required by todays motorcycle rider? Should you just get an Iphone or other APP enabled phone? What about laptops for those who like to ride their scooters for both business and pleasure? Maybe you just want to send a facebook update to your friends and family to let them know you made it home alright. What about cameras and more to capture those moments on the road? Whether you are simply going for a ride around the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex or heading for a long haul to say Little Rock, AR for a weekend there is a certain amount of tech that goes with most motorcycles today that have nothing to do with the bike itself.
Load up the bike and head out to your local Best Buy store to check out what kind of tech tools are the best for motorcycle travel. Stay tuned for updates and commentary as we profile our tech tools for motorcycle travel in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
Load up your scooter and come take a ride around looking through the eyes of a GoPro Hero, then evaluate the ability of the Asus EeePC to handle being bounced around Dallas giant pot-holes.
At first glance the GoPro Hero is gonna be a fabulous addition to your motorcycle tech tools. Weatherproof, with a helmet mount this baby just comes packaged looking ready for the road. Trying to film a trip down the Dragons Tail would be much easier with this than the mounting bracket it was tried with.
The 100mph recommendations also get me excited to test it out on the chopper. See if it can really withstand and record at high-speed on the motorcycle.
Marketed to the extreme sports audience this little camera appears to come ready for the motorcycle adventurer. WIth a head strap, arm strap, swivel mount and more as standard features. Look out though this model didn’t come with the necessary hardware to use the head strap it comes with. So already you have to pull tools out to use it. Or this didn’t come prepared.
Like fifteen thousand dollars and fifteen miles doesn’t make you a biker and chrome doesn’t get you home first glances can be decieving. So please subscribe to see how this tech tool fits in the life of the traveling motorcycle adenturer.

This was the first article posted at the Examiner after upgrading my technology. It was an exciting day of working on changing the world. I got my first bank to back me. Chase bank had ok’d at least the $5k to publish my transmedia book. HTTP://IVEGOTHEART.supertrampconsulting.com
Currently this is being typed on my upgraded virtual rehabilitator called an Asus EeePC. Another piece of technology to integrate with then utilize for monetezation while living in pre-shift America.


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