OH! Now I get it.

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Ever have those moments when you are going along, thinking your doing great. Your business is growing, your life is moving in a forward momentum. You are feeling like you are way ahead of the curve. When suddenly, you go OH! and realize on the creationary curve so eloquently displayed by my LOGO, that you are at the bottom of the curve just catching up. There is nothing more frustrating than doing a lot of planning only to find that if you were learning more about how to make your business operate better, you’d be further toward your goals.

Project planning, and strategic planning of all kinds requires all the right tools. Learning to operate those tools is critical. Many small business people fail to understand the importance of their own continuing education needs. College and high school students looking for future careers must learn to utilize the educational institutions tools, and are hopefully using the tools that they will need to be successful.

If you are a self employed person or a college student or anyone in need of higher learning of any kind then you can be assured that there are solutions out there.

This happened most recently when I began using the Learn WordPress — Tutorials and Walkthroughs realizing that still, the education I needed was Free. With the University of Freedom I was constantly learning what I needed, when I needed it based on conversations where I was able to identify needs. Synchronicity, again with synchronicity and back to the (Insert Link To “Celestine Prophecy” from Amazon bookstore) I scolded myself. If I had just done these things years ago when I first signed up for a blog I would be so much further along. I’m always such a slow learner. Me I had to do everything the hard way, maybe to learn what not to do.

For those of you looking for employment in the Obama Economy, wouldn’t it be great if there was a system to train you for a new career that didn’t cost $12,000 a year like going back to school would. This is your OH! moment. When you realize that by reading and, following the tutorials provided by all the open source web-business tools out there, that you can create anything you dream possible.

and do it for free.

Lesson for today, learn to listen to your mothers. All mom is trying to do is help you.

Thanks Mom! For trying to teach your impatient son how to use HTML

The picture becomes clearer. The universe shrinks again when you finally get that moment in sustainability planning, or sustainable learning when another stage becomes clear. You see how you can move forward in a positive momentum. Not only that but provide signposts for other lost souls trying to awaken. Utilizing free training that is all around us has been an amazing journey that looks like it will continue far into the future God willing. So if you are looking to utilize technology more, and become a more integrated cyborg to help grow your web-business then we encourage you to {link to application} apply to the University of Freedom.

At this time we invite you to CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE.
To your right you can subscribe to our blog by Joining the adventure.
Watch videos. (Hire) Supertramp Consulting. (need a link to hiring sight.)
DOWNLOAD OUR FREE EBOOK IVE GOT HEART: The ultimate Guide to a Sustainable life. The adventure to launch all adventures.
You can HELP(link to paypal need to add to page as a widgit somehow) keep the adventure alive.

Or you can continue to read a real-time developed new chapter in I’ve Got Heart; The Ultimate Guide to a sustainable life. The book that changed the world.

Awakening more and more to my own potential was exhilarating in a way that made riding motorcycles almost tame.
Students as you follow me through the world of the web I am humbled. Sometime in the future we will meet again.
Right now I’m flying a space chopper, to be the first person to fly into deep space. So dream big! Learn, learn learn. Use the free knowledge that is all around you when you make your new years plans

The University of Freedom provides you with your entire set of books, available for upload to your cybornetic reality. The downloads for your matrix uplink.
For those of you with chronic illness, CHD, autism the virtual rehabilitation system is up and fully operational.
Open Source Education is here if you are looking for a degree to get a better job. A capatalism revolution has come. Just as we manufactured our way out of the great depression of the 1920’s in the future of tomorrow, you and I will be selling our stories on the web for self employment options to get paid to live your life.
Human potential, Individual I can do attitude is coming back to those who are Unemployed, looking for work and don’t know what to do with their life. It is being brought to them by Supertrampconsulting.
Watch Adventures of ConradVonSupertramp
Read all about it in this transmedia storytelling event.
Confused? Go to the beginning and download; It was like any other day.
Well I’m “Packing For Mars” (insert link through Amazon Bookstore)

Homework spend time doing more homework, read more books, the shift is coming and your knowledge sharing is necessary. The more that you can learn the better service you will be to God, others and the inner self.

My name is Conrad Von Supertramp I am a transmedia teacher, a sustainable employment source for myself and family. I earn revenue through affiliations, links, and more, just as I saw myself doing. And I’m doing it all for free. Again technology is allowing me to create my small business that is steadily growing into a huge empire. I’m hiring new students all the time. You can too. You can become a member of the University of Freedom and get all out access to our unique new age virtual employment, through virtual rehabilitation

I’m seeing the picture more and more clearly now. Look out world, it is revolution time!

Thank you for participating in the University of Freedom{link to wiziq}


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