Education: an Education on posting about Education

By Justin C Kurtz

March 7, 2011

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When searching for other blogs on Education to see if my blog came up I found blogs informing me how to be a humanist, one mentioning three quotes from two sources that mentioned education in the last paragraph, about how non profits would have to fill in the void of public sector services. Only it was against that idea, maybe I couldn’t really tell.

I found some other articles that were really impressive. The worst professor ever being my first favorite.

However most importantly I learned that my Blog is not showing up under Education. So therefore I must continue my own educational pursuits of how to promote my writing and blogs in order to create a sustainable employment solution for myself. While simultaneously teaching my son that he can do anything. Using my University of Freedom, or open-source education I continue on my journey.

I thank you for taking a moment with me.

Conrad Von Supertramp
Teacher, Writer, Philosopher, Space Biker


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