Why Experts Are Not the Best Teachers

Why Experts Are Not the Best Teachers.


I think this skillfully crafted tale tells of the reason why Home School Education can be such a necessary solution to our current educational and social challenges.

While recently touring a couple different school models for my 2 year old son I examined a home-school group using a method that paid tutors, based on a classical education http://www.classicalconversations.com/ after spending a half a day in a class with four year olds and their parents he was repeating latin 3 days later.

It was hard to watch the overeager parents doing the work for their kids in some regards, but the conversations with the parents, and people involved was very encouraging.  Little man loved it, he even participated in show and tell, as well as created art using a technique that related to a female artist they learned about, that went along with the other classical artists and styles they learned about.  Anyway, he got to put oats and other material in his paint to make it stand out on the canvas more.

He even got to share snacks with one of the girls in the class.  After a couple of hours though, he was ready for an outdoor break so we took him out to play for a minute then went on with our day.  Enlightened and encouraged by this educational model.  Developed by an expert in a field completely unrelated to education we are exploring the reality that though we want to be active participants in his education, doing it all ourselves with no outside resources or influences is just not possible.

We also went to a new high-tech pre-school in a well to do neighborhood where we shop for organic and local grown foods.  I thought it might have something to offer and with a name like Carpe Diem and little man repeating latin it seemed like a good idea.  This school assured me that they used Real teachers.  Only teachers with certified educations in early childhood development were used.  When I probed about what they taught the kids and the only answer I could get was “social education” things like manners, how to sit in a chair properly, how to place things neatly etc. I was a little turned off.  I was shown the music room with the certified music teacher, and the only language being taught was Spanish, which derives a lot of roots from Latin.  Mostly they mentioned social education though.

Now my two year old is taught to introduce himself, shake hands and say hello.  I’ve yet to see another child raised and educated in traditional “social education” have any manners or respectful behavior.  It was nap-time when we visited so I got no opportunity to evaluate the behavior of the children in the Carpe Dium school.  However I was assured of my sons protection with the numerous cameras within the classrooms with parent logins available, as well as bio-check security systems.  Thats right, you got to use a fingerprint and passcode to get in the building.  No outside influences will ever come in.

Little man would need a backpack to seize the day, and they would provide all the luxury diapers he needed.  They did include sign language in their early development which I liked, though they were surprised when he knew the sign for giraffe.  I was also assured of the health quality of the foods and that meals and snacks were provided.

However numerous children who are alternatively educated and spend more time with people of various ages are more socially adaptive, politer, and better able to respond to a toddler who knows how to properly say hello.

So overall I’m feeling like the experts have forgotten how to truly get to know life from the perspective of someone new. This article helps confirm my hypothesis so the experiments continue.


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