Teacher Strikes Worldwide

Teachers strike!  Worldwide teachers are striking leaving hundreds of thousands of students without quality instruction.  Panic grips the world as parents struggle to find adequate education and daycare options.

Hello from the University of Freedom

Pei County of China, thousands in Czech, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Australia literally just teachers fleeing schools in demand of negotiations for pay.  So it isn’t isolated just to Wisconsin though the traditional sources of media such as Fox news, or CNN would lead you to believe otherwise.

So what is going on?  More importantly what is the solution?

I will not speculate on a grand view of the conspiratorial reasons for massive teacher strikes over pay and negotiation rights worldwide all when the world is unable to pay their bills.  Hopefully Glenn Beck or another highly qualified conspiracy theorist will tackle that.

What is the solution?  A radical change in what we define as a teacher.  On recent school expeditions for my two year old many interesting things were brought to light about education, schools, teachers, and quality of education for the money.  Quite frankly hands down local educational co-operatives seem to be the best model for education.  Even better is the model that requires a parent to accompany and be actively participatory in a their childs education.

When you go to some traditional schools they will redicule parents as teachers because they have not been “educated” properly in “early childhood development.”  What is the result of years of properly educated teachers in America?  Higher than ever dropout rates.  Lower than ever scores in math, science and reading.  With 32 million adults, or about 1 in 7 U.S. adults are unable to read more than a picture book.  From 1992 to 2003 the US added 23 million adults to the population an estimated 3.6 million were illiterate.  This study was discussed in January of 2009 by Greg Toppo of USA Today.

So why should any nation, state, or municipality negotiate with terrorist teachers?  Terrorist teachers?  What’re you saying? you might ask.  Well if you’ve spoken to anyone who has ever attended high-school in America anyway, and they will probably tell you school is torture.  When was the last time you met someone, especially someone in school, who LOVED their classes. enjoyed their teachers, and could tell you what they learned that day? I’d love to meet someone who did because no-one comes to mind, ever having said that to me.

So what is the solution.  We all know that traditional educational methods are failing.  Could children simply learn by chasing their passions?  Could they learn enough to be good productive members of society if early on they were given a solid foundation of core knowledge, then by the time they reached 12 or 13 could just go about their day pursuing becoming the adult they want to be?  Me and my business are counting on it.

Where would students learn latin if they wanted to?  Or where could they go to learn how to read?  Educational consultants could fill the void.  A fancy name for a tutor, educational consultants can assist in a variety of ways.  Providing actual class time learning, or simply assisting in guiding a pupil along the right paths based on the students own curriculum of learning needs.

Why, after all this should parents be scared to teach their children?  If it takes proper education in early childhood development to ensure a child can read, write, and perform basic arithmetic then shouldn’t by that logic we require parents to be trained in early childhood development prior to becoming parents?  In some peoples utopias this may be required.

In the meantime we have a serious dilemma on all of our hands.  If we cannot provide adequate education and opportunities for success for the next generation, then we can all be assured that when we are 70 or 80 those same illiterate uneducated children will be wiping your butt in the nursing home and providing your government mandated “free healthcare, and educating the next generation of even more ignorant children until the entire world becomes a blob of ignorance.

Or people will realize that education is not a diploma or acceptance of proper procedure based upon a government or other arbitrarily created standard of measure.  Education, or learning, is based upon the individuals experience and exposure, as well as the individuals choice of how to react to the experience and exposure.

So like all the other challenges we are facing this one can be solved by the individual.  So YOU dear individual reader, please take the time to teach someone about something and together we will become educational consultants capable of solving the educational crisis about to unfold on the world with the loss of these highly qualified teachers from public school.




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