Killing Pablo; a book review of drug policy in America.

Monday March 14th 3:06 pm

I’m watching a History channel show about the Killing of Pablo a book written by the highly successful author of Black Hawk Down.While simultaneously trying to figure out how to create links to these books etc. in the text so I can easily upload it to blogs etc.  While also calling companies about new service for electric etc. in St. Louis, as the University of Freedom prepares to hit the road again.

This author “saw a picture of American soldiers smiling and standing over a dead fat man on a roof top” inquired about it and learned of our historical involvement in the murder of a man because he was delivering illegal narcotics to the U.S.  We as a country spent millions, used the highest level of special forces and secret units to find and assassinate this man.  According to this show/book which makes me ask is that really a good investment of our dollars?

How much do we spend on fighting enemies that we create by trying to prohibit things that many may find to be a distasteful choice of recreation.  We first started building criminal empires in the 1920’s with the prohibition of alcohol.  Creating such greats as Al Capone, a Chicago gangster.  Then with the introduction of harder and stricter drug laws, and starting this War on Drugs we created Pablo Escobar in Columbia, and now fuel terrorism and people like Osama Bin Laden.

When are we going to learn that excessively trying to tell people, especially American people they can’t do something simply makes them more likely to do it.  In the case of the War on Drugs as well as the prohibition rates of use and abuse of the prohibited substances increases because it becomes a form of rebellion to participate, or becomes taboo in an acceptable way.

Pablo Escobar, according to this show, started by smuggling in marijuana.  Then realized it was easier to “carry a mouse in your pocket” than an “elephant”.  Meaning cocaine could be packaged smaller, cut etc. to become more lucrative.  Again we go back to the question is the current drug restriction policy working?  We FDA approve drugs that are more toxic and can cause worse side effects than any of the “illegal” narcotics that we spend billions fighting.

I don’t wan’t mass amounts of Americans drinking and driving, or snorting coke and driving, but I know millions of Americans take over the counter medicines, and prescriptions that impair ones ability to operate a vehicle and we don’t bat an eye.  We’ve had famous incidents of people being involved in major auto deaths because they were under the influence of prescription medicines.  Lets not even talk about the high rate of addiction to legal pain-killers.

in 1988 we changed our policy from targeting drugs to targeting drug kingpins.  So we dispatch Delta Force to Kill these “terrorists.”  Oh a first look at the War on Terrorism.  Oh an we also have Centra Spike a government agency dispatched to eavesdrop electronically on people to triangulate their position.  So the drug kingpins created paramilitary groups and began to eliminate the columbians involved in helping find him.  Killing scores of men in the first few weeks alone.

Is this really good policy?  Is this really what WE THE PEOPLE want our country to be about?  We assume that all those involved in decision making policies actually weigh all the facts and pick solutions that will be the best for the long term health and welfare of the nation.  However we have become a nation only interested in this quarters results.  Actually moving to the instant result society that is fickle and full of shortsighted decisions.

Thousands killed, millions and millions spent all to fight people whose business we created by continuing to implement policies of prohibition that have constantly failed thought history.  Luckily in the case of what we commonly refer to as Prohibition, or the illegal sale of alcohol, we learned fairly quickly and reversed our policy.  Saving millions and allowing numerous free market industries to grow and operate.  Which now we have prohibited actions and limits of intake to spend money and resources on, but we’ve learned a little bit right?

Still if one just concentrates hard enough they could see how some minor changes in how we regulate all drugs, and what the costs of forced good behavior really are we can see a future where people are responsible.  Narcotics are sold in small doses right along side cold and flu pills.  Or distributed by doctors, which all had been in times throughout history.  By doing so we would stop the flow of illegal narcotics across our border, removing the need for violent criminals to establish smuggling routes.  Remove street gangs, and other distributors and violent offenders created out of our policies.

The future just woke up from his nap and came in.  So no more historical shows of death and terror caused by hopefully well meaning intentioned laws, that as God or any preacher can tell you men have chosen to ignore since time began.  This future I see is only 2 years old so there is time for us to remove the damages of the past to ensure him and others a more promising future.

I am Conrad Von Supertramp.


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