Is self publishing viable for new authors?

Is Self publishing really the wave of the future for authors?  This writer is giving it a go, however as with all my ventures it must hold to my simplistic and sustainable caveats.

It must be free

It must be easy to use

It must be marketable

It must be sustainable

Luckily I found the Amazon Kindle uploading process to be all of those things.  Providing me with all of the above criteria.

Most importantly is the sustainability factor, as I don’t want to print a bunch of books that no-one reads and they end up sitting in a warehouse somewhere.  Which is what is happening to large retailers such as Borders, who have ordered thousands of books to fill shelves and the books don’t sell.  So all that paper, wasted, all those trees cut, for nothing.  To be shredded.

Now the only shredding authors have to worry about is by the readers and critics.

So can authors really become successful self-publishers?

Again each author must define success for themselves.  For me success came when I was able to see a product that was created by me for sale on kindle.

That was the culmination of the story itself.  The dream that is the book.  The book that changed the world and become a shining example of sustainable methodology in business and life.

Of course it has to look into the future.  Be attractive and viable for the changing landscape, taking hold of the new transmedia capabilities.  Which is slowly coming together.

When pricing the cost of your time, compared with the say five-thousand offered by IUniverse, and other online self-publishing services.  How much is your time worth?  Do you have five grand to invest in your book?

Does the phrase starving artist mean anything to you?  Five grand and no guarantee of a solitary sale.  Maybe your mom will buy it.  Maybe.

Do authors really have the publishing, marketing and sales savvy necessary to  become self publishers?  They better.

Since SEO is all content driven, and writers can develop content, it would be a fair assessment to believe authors could become by design excellent SEO managers for their own content.

The future of business, as pointed out by Supertramp Consulting is that one must be involved in the business of self.  Self branding, self identifying with your niche market, self promoting, self planning and self driven.  Luckily with tools like Ipad, Itouch, Itunes, and Iphoto I can and you can become the self obsessed marketing gurus the twenty-first century requires.

Not only does Supertramp Consulting see books being solely self published, but the money won’t come from solely book sales, it will come from implanted marketing.  With e-reading devices becoming wi-fi capable clickable links, and banner adds and more are only a moment away.

Take this article of self promoted links and ideas.  It is all written designed and prepared to sell you my book, how much farther will it go?

This author is betting on a  long way.  At least until the next great publishing revolution.

Sustainable?  Since it is only taking up digital space, not physical space, can be done for free, with ease, and by anyone.  Plus anyone can attend the University of Freedom and learn whatever is necessary to promote, sell, and maintain your brand, there is really nothing less sustainable than this.

I am Conrad Von Supertramp, and you are now a part of my adventures in sustainable development.  A character, created to build a sustainable business for the author, so he could get off social disability, and reclaim life for himself.  While changing the world in the process.

Thank you for participating.

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One Response to “Is self publishing viable for new authors?”

  1. One of the biggest problems with the giants like IUniverse (besides the upfront cost) is the additional cost that the writer is forced to pay. Also, when using small independent publishers that Print On Demand (POD) the cost of the physical book is higher, making it harder to market. I mean seriously, who wants to buy a 300 page paper back book (no matter how nice the quality is) for $25 from an unknown author when the the latest 800 page book from Jim Butcher can be purchased at any store for $9? Being able to market our books to the ebook crowd is ecologically sound and makes us competitive.

    Samuel J. E. Trawick, Author of The Frostbourne Chronicles

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