Vortex: an educational adventure

Conrad continued the vortex engine research begun when integrating learning with natural play in his educational experiments with his son

Dang, the vortex engine video seems incompatible with my operating systems current settings.  So off he searches for small scale examples, excited about this potential energy source for his sustainable home.

The theory’s were sound, and small scale applications had already been developed though there were still questions that needed answered.  While the little man ate his carrots, broccoli and oranges for lunch, Conrad delved into Vortexes more.  With an interest in quantum theory, and its relationship to life, and use as a scientific explanation for the Law of Attraction, the next trip was through the wikipedia of Quantum Vortexes
Conrad continued browsing information. Advancing his own knowledge while the little man sat in the high chair and put broccoli pieces into the holes of his water cups lid.

While looking at the mathematical formulas Conrad showed them to the little man and asked this 2 year old little man, What is this? pointing at the screen.

“It’s vortexes”, little man responded.

How did he know that?  How in this ten or fifteen minute period after talking about vortexes did this child recall it enough to pick that word out when show a group of mathematical formulas?  Conrad was flabbergasted as they talked more about the formulas.

No longer was Conrad convinced that what is usually perceived as innocent childlike answers, that seem just right, are truly innocent, or without proper thought and understanding.  The conversation they had at the pool the day before being a prime reason.

“Bam!” the little man said and hit his father in the arm.

“GO SIT DOWN!” his father tells him making him go sit on the lawn chair next to him.

“Sorry dad” the little boy said. It was the second time he got in trouble for hitting Dad, but he was mad.

“I accept your apology but you aren’t getting down yet.  Why do you keep hitting me?” Conrad asks him gently.

“Because.” said the little boy, looking down at the ground, afraid to answer.

Conrad knew this could be a defining moment in the future of he and his sons relationship.  “You don’t have to be afraid, I’m asking so we can figure out what’s wrong.” he gets up and sits down next to the boy.  “Why are you hitting me?” he asks again.

“Because why.” says the little boy.

“That is what I want to know, because why?”

The little boy points to something, not looking at his dad but trying to answer him.  Conrad looks and the only thing he can think he might be pointing at is the hot-tub.

“Your mad about the hot-tub?” He asks the boy

“Yeah.” He says.  “No Play.”

“Your mad because I told you not to play in the hot-tub?”


“That is why you hit me?” Conrad says, amazed that this conversation just happened.  It is hard to be a father sometimes.  Wanting your child to explore and play for those things are how they learn.  So Conrad explained that the little man couldn’t play in the hot-tub because it was too hot, and somedays it was hotter than others.  That protection and love was the reason for saying no.  Then they hugged and went about playing at the pool.

This moment combined with several other conversations, as well as the instant recognition of quantum formulas representing vortices were to big to pass off as fantasy or applying higher capacity of understanding than is real.  What was real was the fact that a two year old did have the capacity of thought and reasoning, and potentially knowledge sent with us all, that is subtly pushed away through the current method of raising and programming children.

How could he expose this potential, while minimizing the potential harm to his son and family?

How could he copy this method of teaching and belief in the vast capabilities of children that is far beyond our current model of acceptance?

How could he de-program children?

How could he prove it to the scientific community?

Could it be measured, or tested in other ways?

Ultimately the answers to these questions weren’t near as important as simply continuing the advancement of Little Man, so that he could be the example for others.

One should read the paper “Of Genius” found through Gutenberg.

Another question, could we really use vortex technology to generate electricity on a small scale.

Herein lies another challenge for inventors of sustainable products, or at least those trying to solve the problems en-masse.  Sustainability is about the individuals ability to sustain oneself.  So applications for sustainable energy should be created in a way that is congruous with that philosophy.  Sustaining the individual first.

Onward we go in search of Vortex energy, and I’m lead back to Nicola Tesla, and a conversation that took place about his goals for free worldwide energy.

Triangles, pyramids, back to this realm again?  We venture off into unknown regions of space and time.  Over to Australia we visit Lutec, a company claiming to be able to generate electricity using magnetic generation for small scale.

With hundreds of videos for building magnetic generators, and wind generators and other methods of building free, or cheap energy it is beyond comprehension why we are screwing around with other means of production.

Today in history we learned that Japan has dumped 10,000 tons of nuclear radiated water, used to help cool off their nuclear power plant damaged by a earthquake and tsunami.  So they just dumped it into the ocean, no big deal.  Is that part of the Kyoto treaty?

Now on to or back to, depending on the thought of time, for vertical wind generators.  Oh and here we find a business person trying to sell a design system.  Love seeing capitalism in effect.  Though this system is using a lot of power tools, and specialty equipment.  Again, not effective for the average person struggling in life.

What the, how did we end up here?  In World of Warcraft?  at the Vortex Pinnacle?
Back to the Vortex and potentials abound.  From its influences in the Laws of Attraction we find Books, Music and more available for sale at Conrad’s Store.  A sustainable facility provided for free, and part of his University of Freedom.

We end this Adventure here.  With plenty on your mind, and opportunities for further thought and study, you dear reader, student, interpreter.  You must decide what do we do with the knowledge that children, not only today but in the future will learn about things much differently than we have in the past.  With the freedom, and randomness of internet, technology and information what will our future look like?

It depends, on what we as parents, teach our sons, and daughters today!

Thank you for joining this Adventure of Conrad Von Supertramp.


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