Taxes: An Educational Adventure

Little Man and his groupies


An Educational Adventure


Conrad Von Supertramp

Little Man and his father are riding motorcycles, on the way to see a lady about some candy when whabammy, down went the little man.

As is necessary in life father guided his child to get up, dust himself off, and get on again.

“If you fall off your horse you get back on, same thing with motorcycles.”  Conrad said

“Ok.” Said little man, shaking his head, and getting back on the bike.

Back on the bike they travel to see the candy lady.  She is Little Mans first sugar mama.  Everyday he comes in and gets a piece of candy.  Winding along the curving road, headed to her office, passing the park, and cruising by the beach.  Both were quiet today, so we went straight to the office.

Little man comes roaring in, driving his bike right into the office, burning his wheel on the way in.

Llana was waiting in the kitchen for him, beguiling him radiating an elegance superior to her home away from home.  With its cozy fireplace, inviting kitchen, and gathering place it invites people to come enjoy their time with her.

Hellos, and hugs Little Man runs to her, while his father lags behind, smiling about his sons luck.

“His first sugar mama is a real beut.” he thinks.

Little man gets his piece of dove peanut butter chocolate and immediately his father takes it from him.

“Today son, we’re going to learn about taxes.” Conrad says.  He unwraps the candy and takes about sixty percent of the candy for himself.

“This son is how taxes work.  You, by your own efforts received candy and someone else takes about sixty percent for themselves.”  He continues

Reading this tale and following parts of this educational adventure can be mind boggling.   When within the texts of taxes you find this;

can perform redistribution of wealth in the most efficient manner.


Deadweight costs of taxation

The introduction of taxes into a market usually reduces economic efficiency by causing deadweight loss. In a competitive market the price of a particular economic good adjusts to ensure that all trades which benefit both the buyer and the seller of a good occur. The introduction of a tax causes the price received by the seller to be less than the cost to the buyer by the amount of the tax. This causes fewer trades to occur, which reduces economic welfare in markets without externalities: the individuals or businesses involved are less well off than before the tax. The tax burden and the amount of deadweight cost is dependent on the elasticity of supply and demand for the good taxed

Amazing that within the first readings about taxation provided by our free education we easily learn that taxes are really a naturally destructive, bad thing.


Father and son delved into the history of taxes

Amazingly the bible is quoted as a historical example of early taxation.

Still I don’t know really what a tax is, other than something mandatorily apposed upon people by those who place themselves in positions of power.

No taxation without representation was our motto during the American Revolution, an act most famously instigated by the Boston Tea Party.

Current Events

However in todays government Harry Reid actually suggested that the newly empowered Tea Party movement of the last few years, was holding our government hostage, because the party would only do what the Tea Party wanted.  (source)

“If people want to move the country, they can’t let the Tea Party call the shots,” Reid Said

There continues to be exhausting discussions of the financial condition of not just the United States but nations across the world and the argument goes back to increase taxes or cut spending which is the best for a nation.

Perhaps, in your future son taxes and the destruction to our civil liberties will be gone.  A new era created by REVOLUTION where freedom is free.

This has been an Educational Adventure into Taxes with Conrad Von Supertramp


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