Mainstream America Unmoved By Green Marketing

Mainstream America Unmoved By Green Marketing.

From a personal experience with trying to be a sustainable person yet maintain my conservative, capitalism loving beliefs has not been easy.  However; what worked for me, may just solve this very problem.

Like many of the world’s leading corporations I began a business that is betting on people wanting to be more sustainable in their life, but not knowing how really to do that.  Solution; Supertramp Consulting.  Teaching people to be adaptive, flexible, and sustainable.

It begins with educating oneself on what sustainability really can mean.  For me it meant, we could demand that our congress, and government become sustainable.  Especially since there are a lot of support programs being developed by the government to subsidize the green revolution.  Shoot we even have a Green Jobs Czar.  So if you and I have to be more sustainable, and green.  Then so should Uncle Sam.  We could start with learning how to balance a checkbook.  A pretty basic sustainable education tool.

Then when they learn to not spend more than they can make, and quit looking at citizens as potential income makers, rather than free citizens, we could spend more on cool toys like Solar Powered Backpacks, and other cool sustainable products.

For two generations we have been taught the benefits of technology, and that free flowing power for all these gadgets would be available.  We can listen to which ever side of any debate we want and extract just the information we need to feel comfortable in our choices.  So until we can show how to benefit personally from a more sustainable lifestyle then we have no hope.

Supertramp Consulting can show how to actually reduce your grocery budget by eating healthier and greener, just buying organic when it is on sale, the same as regular non-organic products.  Comparing labels, and find which items are actually healthier, not just organic.  For some organic foods are higher in sugars, or sodium than their non-organic counterpart.  Making your sustainability journey one that is fun and fits with your personal choices.

As a family you can learn more and more what you can live without. Eliminating unnecessary items that add no value to your quality of life.  Because ultimately that is the promise that sustainability holds.  The capacity to live an 18th century lifestyle with 21st century technology.

We can excel only if  the inhibitors of capitalism and free-markets out of the way of social entrepreneurs and others who are looking to revolutionize our world so that people don’t have to fear $5.00 gasoline and other realities we now must face.

To still have cool air, warm homes, and full bellies when we have had them available to the majority of people in this country is our hope.  Since its founding the majority of the time America has provided for the world.  With draconian tax laws, farm subsidies which pay people to not produce, destructive drug policies, and out of control debt, sustainable living represents the survival of our once great nation.

However; don’t be a sheeple.  Don’t buy green just because someone tells you to. If you work toward sustaining your life in a comfortable, but non-excessive way, then you are not the problem.  Al-Gore and other “green” campaigners globetrotting to sell an agenda represents the problem.  For those pushing and betting on a green future, keep in mind that pushing anything on Americans is a sure way to get them to rebel from it.  If it doesn’t promise to make life easier, or better for us immediately, we aren’t interested, and finally, if it is good enough for the goos, it is good enough for the gander.  So cut your belts, live sustainably as an example and we’ll follow suit.


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