PayPal Co-Founder Hands Out $100,000 Fellowships To Not Go To College

Finding the UnCollege movement


Conrad Von Supertramp  Teacher, Philosopher, Revolutionist

Life got so wrapped up in a negative cycle, with the End of the world as we know it on May 21st, and its again great letdown, combined with the zombie apocalypse, and relocating with my family yet again in an attempt to subvert the educational system in America that I had completely missed the Uncollege movement.

Thankfully I saw this article today

PayPal Co-Founder Hands Out $100,000 Fellowships To Not Go To College

It was just what I needed to bring me out of the unproductive negative cycle, and spiral me back to my purpose.  To Teach!  I’ve known it for years, and I act like I don’t know it but I do.  What I needed, why the University of Freedom was developed in the first place was all part of my internal need to find a way to teach, that didn’t cost me thousands of dollars I didn’t have and force me into teaching methods that were no longer viable.

Thiel is convinced that the social pressure for students to pursue “lower-risk trajectories” in their career choices will lead to less innovation in the future.

Proving to students and potential students that one could self teach even at the disprepected age of over 30.  Even if you have had major health issues, even if you aren’t that technically gifted.  That all you need to know is now freely available online.  That the future of our planet rests in the hands of those who get this, and utilize every potential gift that God may bestow upon them to make shit happen!  To simply fix the problems of society without asking permission.  To Start a revolution.

Education is the key!

Where are my students?  I don’t have $100,000 to throw at the problem.  If I did trust me you would know who I was by now.  Who am I exactly?  I am Conrad Von Supertramp, character of a book, that was written to start a revolution in education, in order to build a private deep space chopper, to launch me into a black hole, in order to input human consciousness into the actual event horizon. More than anything see what happens.  To quit theorizing and just get it done!

Build it using open-source technology, and parts it would be the greatest human collaboration project yet. Funded in part by the Holoslide a rehabilitative tool utilizing transmedia based technology to remap the human brain, as well as to allow people like me with physical restrictions to simulate physical activities at lowered levels to to great things, like build a virtual house, or build a virtual boat, or virtually climb a mountain.  Gain virtual experiences recorded by people living the experiences.  Who get paid to live life for those who no longer can.  Imagine the experience cancer patients go through during treatments in a holosphere of peaceful moments and memories, rather than the death that surrounds them now. Provided through a virtual reality immersion technology that myself and others, like Andrew Hsu, are going to create.

Revolutionizing education, getting people away from old ideas and methods of doing things.  Chasing Real freedom!  Freedom to think and act for yourself, in the interest of all of humanity and helping others first.

Oh boy, this is when things begin to get exciting.  When the application of known physics, synchronicity, and GOD all begin to come together to provide the things in life you were missing.  Answering prayers.

I’ve dreamt of starting a foundation, the HELP foundation in order to assist people in becoming self sufficient, sustainable.  The key to unlocking that Universe is education.  Teaching people about what is really possible.  So what do I find?  The Thiel Foundation  Then off we go traveling the Universe through the Internet finding more and more information, knowledge, resources available to assist me in my scheme of revolutionizing the world through sustainable education.  Using my own consulting firm, Supertramp Consulting as another business to fund my madness.

(CVS) Can you feel the excitement flowing through me?  This was the pinnacle of all I had dreamt.  Now I had a LIST of people I could write stories of success about ways we do, or might, meet and how we collaborate in order to revolutionize education.

(R) Ok, settle down the heart rates getting a little high.

(CVS) The brain had been having a lot of thoughts of homesteading and researching squatters rights.  Instead I find through THIEL FOUNDATION, seasteading.  SEASTEADING  REALLY?  WHY didn’t I see it before?  Perfection on a platform.  You can still find trash to build with, things to recycle, reuse and remake.  Oh the potential here is nuts, so clickety clack I link up to these other things.

One must recall that at this time in existence the reality of a Global Brain, wasn’t yet highly accepted by the general populace.  Thiel himself hit the nail on the head when he says “Education may be the only thing people still believe in in the United States. To question education is really dangerous. It is the absolute taboo. It’s like telling the world there’s no Santa Claus.”

No surprise for me here.  I knew that being a bit of an antagonist was what I am here for.  It is what I am good at.  Ask any of my high-school teachers and they will probably be able to remember a time they wanted to kill me for challenging their ways and means.  Shitdisturber isn’t usually something to put on a resume but today it is.  Except today it is referred to as “contrarian” much more politically correct.

Thiel, whom The New York Times calls a “contrarian” and “libertarian,” told the paper that not everyone should drop out of college:

I agree, no-one should “drop-out” of education.  What we need is a redefinition of what education is.  Currently it is a 12 year process, enhanced by 2-4 years of more specific study, much of which is the same that you learned in the first 12 year process.  At the “end” of each semester you get a “break” from your education.  Sorry to say but the need to educate never stops.  It doesn’t take a “break”, because change, world events, world potentials, and the availability of information never stop.

Many hit this 30 ish stage and are stuck.  Feeling to old to “go back to school” unable to get training in new technologies because the field they were in never adapted to them.  So now both the company and the job are obsolete and it leaves many in a lurch about what to do now?

With the cost of college out of most peoples reach, and the funding, including Mr. Thiels doesn’t help many such as myself who are facing this reality.

Currently I sit in a borders just down the road from my house, I step outside to bum a smoke and begin talking about solutions to the rebuilding process that we face after the many tornados, floods and other disasters that are plaguing our world.  Play a little harmonica and think about where I go from here.  I share the potential of seasteading.  Sharing information teaching those I run into.

The children’s reading activity has just ended, and parents of all sorts utilize the free program in their kids development and education.  Books and activities for furthering education surround us all.  Potential screams at us to grab ahold of and forge a new world.

What is your part in all of this?  What are you doing about it in your life?

Remember that if I can you can!

If you are interested in receiving personalized training and resources to pursue your own Open Source Education please feel free to contact for a free consultation.


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