Homeschool Planning: An alternate approach

By Justin C Kurtz

June 20, 2011

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Homeschool Planning.  A life-long adventure.

One of the greatest revelations in the success of homeschool children is that traditional institutions of education are not producing the same level of achievement that homeschool does.

The trend of seeking alternative educational options has laid the groundwork for numerous educational offering firms.  Such as The Little Gym, Sylvan Learning Centers, Mathnasium and other profit seeking educational institutions.

With these thoughts in mind Supertramp Consulting was created as an educational consulting firm to help people of all ages unlearn their previously held beliefs of what education is and where it comes from.  Inspired by the ability of people of all ages to learn best when given freedoms to live life to the fullest.

With announcements like Google and Londons 250,000 book library now going digital, open source learning becomes easier and knowledge is continued to be made freely available.  Creating a revolutionary new world of educational opportunities.

The challenge presents itself to the parent of a homeschool child, or to the individual pursuing a self education path, how do I plan my curriculum?

Much of the advice that is out there regarding planning out your school year begins with whether you are schooling year round or following a traditional school calendar, or focus you on topical planning.

Our advice is to focus the learning toward an end goal or objective that the child, or learner picks.  This is relatively simple.  Take for example a four year old who loves spiderman.  First simply work out with the child what “being spiderman” means?  In other words, what skills, talents, or abilities does spiderman have that your child will need?  Spiderman knows a lot of science, and uses scientific knowledge to defeat many of his enemies.  He is a chemist, he creates his own spiderweb. (depending on which version of spiderman you watch)  He is also a freelance photographer so maybe some photography lessons are in order.  So a six year old objective may be to create a synthetic spiderweb.  Then you simply plan their educational pursuits around the required knowledge to make synthetic spiderwebbing.

History of science, science in current events, mathematics of chemistry, biology (studying spiders in the wild), field study opportunities, science around the house (cooking) the options are abundant, guiding toward the goal of information relevant to the learner.

Just like in project planning in most major companies the objective may change, or conclusions along the way may cause shifts in focus which is why regular reviews and strategy sessions are required.

This method can also guide you as an adult seeking an uncollege education.  By setting goals, especially lofty big picture goals, you can educate yourself toward that end goal.  So what do you want to accomplish at 80?

Reality is that you are more likely to live to be 100 in todays world as you are to die young.  So teaching, at an early level, big picture goals to work toward will only advance the capacity to make good decisions toward the future as one ages.  As a young adult, and adult envisioning yourself at various ages in the future and who you want to be at that age will guide your lifelong educational journey.  Showing how to learn relative to goals will continue to be a must as we continue along in the information age.

That is what education is really all about.  Journeying toward being who we were placed here to be.  Wether you believe that is spiderman at age 6 or a rocket designer at 60 the goal of education should be planned as a constant work toward your overall life-plan.

So when you are planning curriculum and homeschool activities; remember to keep a big picture vision in focus and look for educational opportunities to geared toward those goals.  You will find the educational process becomes daily, fun, and rewarding.  If you would like help planning a life-plan education for you or your family contact (available on Skype!)


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