Quick Summer Garden

Quick Summer Garden.

One of the biggest challenges with apartment living is finding a place to garden.  Other than starting a community garden somewhere I had few options.  Luckily one of my brother-in-laws has a yard and we put together a small quick summer garden in about an hours worth of work.

We started with an old dresser.  You see these sitting on the side of the road all the time.  This one is made from solid wood, but many of the pressboard dressers will work.  I just recommend putting a plastic barrier between the wood and your dirt to keep out any unwanted chemicals.

Using just dirt we dug up cleaning up some concrete along with some kitchen scraps we had saved up and an old pizza box created the perfect bedding for our garden.

We found lots of worms, and included the shredded pizza box for worm bedding.  Coupled with the soil we found them in should make for a nice home and maybe a quick vermiculture box to boot.

We had some store bought tomatoes, and my lovely wife used an old electric cord lying on the ground and some sticks blown down in the latest St. Louis storm, to tie stakes to the plants.

We also planted some lettuce, spinach, peas, bush beans,and pole beans.  Most of these have July as a recommended time to plant a summer crop for fall harvest.  Greens such as lettuce and spinach don’t take a lot of work before you can begin harvesting.  There are many other late summer plants you can work with as well, just check with your local farmer or do a quick search online.

While putting the garden together we even got the neighbors involved.  They came out to watch and began digging a garden spot, cutting down weeds and trimming trees to provide us with composting material.  We used some garden shears and chopped them up to get the decomposition process started.  Even getting some excellent help from the little man.

So with a reclaimed dresser, some cleaned up grass clippings, turned to dirt, we were able to build a garden in less than an hour.  Had maybe one dollar invested in seeds.  With maybe an hours worth of work a week we shall have a nice fall harvest.

Now is the perfect time to start your summer garden.  We can help show you just how quick and easy it is to build a quick summer garden for yourself, occupying very little space, and probably capable of using materials lying around your house.

If you would like to have help building a quick garden or edible landscape contact My Green Hand at 314-282-7036, a supertramp industries company.


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