Revolution: An Educational Adventure



An Educational Adventure




Conrad Von Supertramp





Revolution.  It is on everyones lips.  Whether you are talking about the current rebel uprising against Ghaddaffi in LIbya  or the recent happenings with Mubarak in Egypt, prior to that the Iranian event. Prior to that you have student protests in London, protests in thailand, protests in Greece, protests in the US.


As a person who would love to travel internationally but hasn’t, because honestly not having seen all of the U.S. It seems wrong to abandon home for other shores, it would be most enjoyable to see the US through other eyes.  To see if they see the Tea Party as a move to block socialism, and oppressively large government, or rebellious troublemakers?  In exchange they receive a vastly unique view of American life and travel.  The view from inside the US perspective, not on the coasts but someone who travels extensively throughout the south, and Mississippi states, having never seen New York state, or city except on TV or pictures.  Whose seen BBQ & Oil change stations in the middle of no where, but never seen Jersey Shores, point of reference.  Enjoy


So worldwide, there are rebellions taking place.  Good and Evil is embroiled in the last great struggle for freedom.  But, what is freedom?  What does it really look like.  If revolution in necessary to achieve it, then what is revolution?  in many ways when we analyze the overlying commonality of the European and Middle Eastern uprisings they are all based on an idea of freedom.  Throwing away the shackles of oppressive governments is how Americans are taught to think of revolution, and uprising.




Traveling in fairly conservative circles people are proud they live in a nation that allows anyone to come together in their front yards and discuss the happenings of government, profess their religion, or condemn their missing neighbor, all with no fear.  That freedom came from our American Revolution.  It was a freedom won by 13 separate countries, who came together in agreement for their common good.  Co-operatively if you will.  Depending on where in the country you live you will then learn about our next attempted revolution during what is called the Civil War, or War of Northern Aggression.  Southerners are thought the war from the perspective that states rights, were being infringed upon.  The Federal Government was usurping its power to dictate what a state could or could not do within its boundaries.  In most mainstream teachings you will hear the war taught as a movement to “free slaves”.


NO state has been more embroiled in revolution than Texas, which may explain why nowhere else in the US are people more proud of where they live.  A result of revolution?  Perhaps.


If that was the case then everyone on earth should have lenity of pride because the entire planet has been embroiled in uprisings throughout history.


Today in history Glenn beck posed the question “Who would organize the revolution towards freedom?”  this is a great question.  IN the case of the history being made today in the form of revolution around the world, we wonder what is the outcome going to be?  Who is going to lead the new world.  More and more we’re seeing a need for Vastly new leadership here in the states as well.  When they can’t even figure out how to balance their checkbook, it becomes apparent that they are no longer fit to lead.  How do you remove them?  What do you replace them with?


It truly seems that in countries where socialism is going broke, people are revolting because they are losing the promises.  The same debate goes on here.  We’ve introduced a lot more socialism throughout history than was ever originally envisioned within our founding documents, or founding fathers.  While I’m sure they saw their new country growing and prospering, I don’t know that they imagined a world with 50 states, and several territories, with worldwide military bases, and a population of varying amounts, 308,745,538 according to the most recent census.  Or the 311 plus million quoted in the previous link, as well as other news sources and the choice of numbers they pick.  At best about 4.5% of the worldwide population.  If so I don’t know that they would have set up a system that allows only 535 mea and women to represent them.  Especially considering that the population of the United States at its forming was only an estimated 2.5million people.




News headlines for revolution include everything from music to technology.  The word itself is thrown around so often that understanding what revolution really is becomes difficult.

With sights like this independent revolutionary or learn the basics of revolution brought to you by American Communists, or join the party revolution here you can get multiple perspectives of people who are looking for revolution.


Current revolution information can be found throughout the world.


Even some celebrating the 150th anniversary of our Civil War





Here, in Texas, where we currently live you are swimming with your mom in a pool.  Your father is helping to start his own revolution, by writing a book to fund land, so that if revolution comes to America, we will have a place to survive, and prosper sustainably for both of our lifetimes, but more specifically to change the Educational delivery methods of todays school system.  A key to any successful revolution to take hold.


WIth his planning experience he is also running a Consulting Firm, to help people revolutionize their life in order to see the freedom all around them, but also to help awaken people so they can become aware of what historically has happened to countries facing the challenges that we currently face.


Preparing for an adventure to St. Louis MO, where we find Edible Revolutions, and Sound Revolutions


You son, and potential future reader are going through a period of great revolution.  The years between age 2-4.  A time of great struggle and strife for most families.  Known unaffectionately as the “terrible twos”.  Your early childhood development being at a very vital and pivotal stage right now.  Your parents ability to successfully navigate the treacherous waters of discipline, and temperament of rebellious behavior, while raising you in a world designed to instill beliefs in freedom.


Freedom isn’t the only thing people revolt for though.  Many seek further control, hoping to instill enough rules, and enough discipline to ensure that people will be treated fairly.  Many revolutions are begun with a hope of enforcement and strict behavior control.  These are the ones to avoid.  For to much control and a lack of freedom will breed rebellion over time.




There is a Science of Revolution which gets twittered, and facebooked to all my the superfans.


There was the Scientific Revolution, which was an educational revolution in its own right.  Books are great additional educational resources but you can get the structure for free here.


Back to Copernicus the mind cycling back to the beginning again.  I can remember, it was like any other day….


WHOA some serious revolution going on in technology this movie is right up a cyborg from the future, like Conrad Von Supertramps’ alley.  SInce he is a cyborg (Pacemaker, mechanical heart valve, lazier enhanced optics)  transhumanism via transdimensional storytelling.  Which is exactly what my adventure is, to build a cybernetic space chopper to fly into a black hole in order to give human experience to this event.


Son, caution to those who seek eternal life.  For eternal life is what GOD promises through faith in him.  He will ultimately decide if you live or die.  However, reality and focus on utilizing potential for good only can provide us with some amazing potential.  Let’s focus on those in need, not those in want.  Autism, brain injured, birth defects etc.  Rather than improve those who are easily able to adapt.




All technology and all revolution has two options.  Good, or Evil.  Light or Dark.  Yin or Yang, Black or White all that is required is the decision of the people to determine what things are used for.  Today we are using technology to continue to upgrade our abilities to harm others.  We face massive amounts of impending struggle ahead.  So if you decide to revolt from us, revolt to do better.  Revolutionize the available things around you to be useful and helpful to those around you and you will be guaranteed long-term joy!  Seek to help the week by teaching them to be strong, will help all.  Taking from the strong and giving to the week is stealing, and makes everyone weaker.




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