Are you looking for an opportunity to learn how to be sustainable?  Self Sufficient?  Self Reliant?  How to work for yourself and be an economic leader, not work for others and end up a Wal Mart Greeter?

TEAM and the University of Freedom have now teamed up to provide you with an opportunity to learn how to LEAD in LIFE.  How to think outside the box, rather than fill out boxes.

An education that doesn’t teach you how to fill in the blank, darken a circle, or check a box.  How to write on the line or color neatly.  We’re not teaching how to become automatons working on bloated beuracratic paperwork positions that provide you with no joy, or fulfillment in the areas that matter most to the human soul.

Focusing on 7 key Hats (refer to Supertramp Logo) or aspects of what makes U You.  Faith, Finances, Family, Fun, Freedom, Friendship, Fitness and Following.

These are the core values of your life that you know you want to pursue and have goals in each of these categories.  However; historically traditional education has failed to teach people how to incorporate their own needs and interests into their education.  Together, TEAM and UOF are changing that.  Teaching you how to obtain that big picture vision of your success.  How to manage your hats.

With freedom to create your own unique brand TEAM and MONAVIE may just get to their 1 million mark in less than a year.

You mean I could print my own logo and label on an array of products provided through the network of fellow TEAMMEMBERS?

We want to promote peoples ability to utilize social media and social marketing to expand their income earning capacity.  Lets ramp up to the next level.  I’m fired up how bout you?  Lets capitalize on all of our bulk purchasing capacity.


They didn’t know what they were in for.  I look back on those days now and wonder how I ever got anywhere.  I did.  If I can  You Can.

They saw the talent.  It was God’s answer to my legitimizing and helping prayer.

I brought them a grand opportunity.  A fresh energetic guy, moving to one of the largest markets in the nation.  One ripe for health, God, and happy abundant living.

Eventually, I was even able to convince them to begin purchase of other product lines for distribution, namely hemp healthcare products, sustainable products and more.

Over a short time we propelled TEAM DALLAS to such heights it was insane.  All with the help of TEAM ST Louis.  Raymond, Larry, Joe, Marie and more were able to propel their business to new heights.  Moving quickly into markets like Quincy, Arkansas and more they worked twice as hard to make it happen, I just got to enjoy their talent while I learned and came up to speed.

We got everyone on board quickly.  The opportunity was to big to pass up.  Education and healthcare.  Social marketing opportunities galore.  Plus my character training series was a huge success.

I went in wednesday July 7th GREGARIAN  1 day 1 week 1month Final cycle before 2012 shift cycle begins.  WOW, that was a shifting day for many.

I walked in prepared with an open set of ears, and a willingness to listen and learn from people already doing it.  They soon recognized the potential we were bringing to not just our home, but others.

I brought them the apartment complex.  That is where we held our first open meeting.  (WHO WILL COME?) helped me do that and brought more talented people to the TEAM.  People like Felicia, Lana, Larry a Kappi, So many others that I met for the first time that night. We even eventually got the garden I had proposed the first time I was in TX with the family.

We then began a community building seminar in several other apartment complexes in the area.  Growing to a TEAM of wonderful people who created so much for the success of my dreams.

Chi-Town hooked us up on some promotions while (who will come?) was in town to double down, and we got some real nice responses from the fliers we placed in Central Market and the other stores.  As well as some radio spots.

Jeremy, John TX, Digger, George TX, Robt, Robbie Dob all used it as a way to help raise money for their LIFE.  Selling the energy drinks to start.  Many then began to move into team and built huge networks allowing them to ride for years to come.

Dan combined it with his fitness and health class for the fat forty and fedup group.  Lisa Rae really went superstar because of her promotional background.  She was instrumental in making TX successful because of her event promo connections.

My quick ability to encapsulate the potential, though not always able to perform, allowed me to be the kind of 21st century teacher we needed.  A humble one.  One who can take in new information etc. and learn to adapt it to the material in a way that allows things to become relative to the TEAM, so the TEAM can create their dreams first.  A leader that knows he is only as good as the TEAM that surrounds him.

Learning the financial in’s and out’s of the new system was exciting.  I always like being involved in rolling out new things.  Bringing the potential of an idea of LIFE to LIFE.

Still have yet to figure out how to do that on a traditional resume.

I got into the business and did well because it was the solution that God had created to fit my need when I was ready for it.

I received quality advice in how to take advantage of the opportunities that lay before me and soon enough I had my large piece of property and was teaching all kinds of people how to revolutionize their life.

I’m so blessed to have people like Ray Abernathy, Larry Cheatham, and Joe Clark to be my mentors.  Each of them became Triple Crown winners.

The feeling I get even now of pure joy at finally being a part  of a TEAM.  A real life inspirational speaker, developer of leaders and servant of Christ is beyond compare.

Seeing so many of my friends and family finally have the ability to achieve the success I saw in them, and being a part of helping provide leadership from champions in the field Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady.  To finally have the financial opportunity to make my dreams a reality is still one of my favorite memories.  That feeling of security in knowing when God is handing you your purpose, and all you have to do is take a hold of it.  It comforts me more than the financial reward ever could.  Security in knowing I was given the opportunity to build riches in heaven.



THIS has been an example of pre-claiming success.  Turning your and your friends success into a Story of Success.  For a personal story of success written by Conrad Von Supertramp simply contact him via


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