When Learning begins.

God and Learning




Conrad Von Supertramp









Learning and God could be considered one in the same.  Neither has a definite beginning, or definite end, or for those atheists in the world we’ll transpose GOD for Universe, and the truth still stands.  No beginning or end.


We can’t really say that learning has a beginning because we don’t know what the mind begins to learn about environment etc.  in the womb.  Learning certainly begins at birth.  Since we have some discrepancies in this world on when LIFE truly begins there is no way to say when exactly the learning begins.


In death learning continues not only for the individual, but also for those left behind.   So one’s entire life span is a learning teaching give and take.  Each interaction has the capacity to teach something to someone else.  We get the option of deciding what things we want to teach.  We can teach that it is acceptable to be grouchy, rude, and sourpusses.  Or we can show that it is acceptable to walk around with a smile on your face, or teach kindness, or courtesy, or numerous other opportunities for positive lessons.  In sickness and death we can show how to be strong, in richer or poorer we can teach frugality and thrift.


The sad truth is that from inception our children are learning from their environment.  Learning from energy, or posture.  How we as “adults” conduct ourselves, interact with others etc.  They are also learning from us what a relationship with the creator looks like, and feels like.  They are watching to see whether we read our bible, or pray in times of trouble.


LIfe itself is a constant learning lesson of how to be closer to God and more pleasing in Gods image.  How to be better humanitarians, and caretakers of the blessings God has given us.  Like our earth, and our atmosphere and our resources.  See as a people we have to be thrifty, and frugal in our use to ensure future generations have options.


So what are the leaders of our world teaching is the right thing to do these days with money?  Or whether or not money has value?  What are you teaching in your own home?


When preparing a homeschool curriculum a focus on long-term learning goals combined with a love of learning new things and tackling new challenges is the best guarantee of a happy and personally rewarding Life for your child.  You can personally teach this by pursuing your adult passions.  Your dreams and goals can include your children in the process and in the challenges you overcome.  You will teach them more about what it takes to be a happy well rounded individual than they could ever learn in school.  That learning and the lessons we must learn about ourselves to be better humans, are the lessons we need to learn from pursuing the passions God filled us with.


Things have degraded because we have lost our own self discipline.  We have allowed others to determine what our station in life should be, and what we are allowed to do, and what we are supposed to “learn”.  Told that learning doesn’t begin until we are seven years old and ends at the beginning of every summer, then ends permanently after high-school, unless you choose to continue your education with “HIGHER” education.  Unfortunately most lessons people learn at institutions of higher learning are base animal activities, drunkenness, lasciviousness, and rebellion.


God sent us here with specific purpose and lessons to learn.  A curriculum if you will.  It is the passions that drive us, the love that compels us, the urges for helping others that moves us.  When we act on these we act in accordance with our LIFE learning plan.


So stop worrying over when learning begins and ends and realize it is a constant amazing opportunity for discovering how amazing YOU can be.  WIth God all things are possible; so no matter where you are right now you CAN still chase your passions and complete your learning curriculum.


If you would like further help in identifying your curriculum contact http://www.supertrampconsulting.com


One Response to “When Learning begins.”

  1. I believe the content of this message basically from living it myself. I was never really taught in the traditional ways most people are and learned mainly from life experiences and self education. Then I started getting a watered down version of “traditional education” (GED classes and some college classes) at that point was when I started to feel like I needed someone else to teach me to further my education and from that stemmed laziness that lead to being stagnant in my quest for additional growth.

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