Where will LIFE take us? Future of homeschooling.

Little Man prepares to be a space ranger.

Where will LIFE take us?.

This is such a great question.  Forget that we are a business, a compensated community of people educating themselves on their own pace, improving themselves as we change the world.  Where are we going in life?  Goal setting and dream building are a large piece of what is necessary to achieve success in anything we pursue.  Nowhere is this more prevalent than the LIFE business.  So what are you building your future on?

Do you live on a vision?  Do you live on purpose?  Do you educate your child with vision and purpose?  Have you ever asked your child what his/her purpose is?

What’s so funny is that my son’s purpose (he’s almost 3 in 2 days) and mine are aligned.  I do wonder if his answer is only based on my influence at this young age but it gives me a lot of ammo and direction when preparing his educational needs as a homeschool parent.

Many homeschool parents struggle with purchasing curriculum pre-established that follows very closely traditional education done by public schools, which in my humble opinion is a direct contradiction to the reason we homeschool.

I asked my little man, What is your purpose just now.  His response; “Space Ranger.”  I personally would like to build a space-ship to launch myself into a black hole, and I created that dream and vision on a bit of a lark because I knew I needed a big dream to help me overcome some serious personal obstacles, and lead my son with a dream.  So I have some ease when sharing information and training him up to be a space ranger because our purposes are a bit aligned.  While it may seem like fantasy and science fiction to be someone who explores space and new worlds by the time little man is 20 it may not be fiction anymore.

Wikipedia describes ranger as “Ranger in the original meaning of the word designates a person who is specially trained to traverse rough terrain, esp. woodland, relatively quickly; and who possesses the according survival skills to live in the wilderness for a prolonged amount of time. “Ranging” also refers to patrolling and protecting an outskirt area (“range”). Today, the word is primarily used for specific roles in the military, in forestrylaw enforcement, and in role-playing games, although a connection to the original meaning usually still exists in the modern ranger occupations.

Combined with this article titled “Tens of billions of habitable worlds in our Milky Way, say astronomers. (see full article here http://bit.ly/Hh8whb ) using his current motivation as a primer for his learning adventure doesn’t seem to far off.

So I ask you where will LIFE take us?  To other planets? To a new reality based on compensated communities?  To a need for space rangers and the survival skills necessary to be one, and the crafts designed to transport them?  I hope so, I’m betting so, in fact my vision and purpose says it is so and if I have learned anything from being a part of TEAM and the LIFE business what we see and experience in our subconcious mind will become reality.  So hang on to your keyboard space rangers because the future is gonna be as different as anybody could see possible.  So final question and then off to your test; What are you doing in your homeschool planning to prepare your children for LIFE in the future?


7 Responses to “Where will LIFE take us? Future of homeschooling.”

  1. Great post today. I really enjoyed reading it very much. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Have a great day.

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  3. Love it! I linked it to the first post in a new series on ADDandSoMuchMore.

    I welcome links to related content on blogs of like-minded spirits, btw. I don’t always have time to “make the rounds” before I post, so if you write something related to what I’m writing (or wrote previously), feel free to leave a link in the comments section. I’ll approve it, even if Akismet marks it as spam (as soon as I have time to sift, that is). Eventually, when I have the time for blog housekeeping, I’ll put the link IN the article (not everyone reads the comments).

    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, SCAC, MCC – (blogging at ADDandSoMuchMore and on ADDerWorld – dot com!)
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

    • Glad you enjoy it. I think about the whole ADD phenomenon and the reality that in todays world I would have been drugged and stuck in a corner of school as a kid. NOt saying people don’t work differently, I just think it is because we are getting smarter and faster brains but your perspective on the inability to filter background noise was highly interesting.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to respond (as well as the time to read my linked post). I do want to add one thing: not “LACK of filtering ability” – *impaired* filtering ability, relative to the “norm” (whatever THAT is!).

    Since science seems relatively certain, at this point in time, that genes ALWAYS express in environment (literally, our experiences contribute to turning them on or failing to turn them on), understanding what we’re “starting” with is not meant to be taken as a life sentence, but a map to a future where “can’t” becomes CAN!

    As with much of life, the earlier this process begins, the easier and more straightforward the task — not only because unused neurons are regularly pruned at developmental (age correlative) points, but also because there is less to have to UNdo and override, always a complication.

    I know I don’t have to tell YOU this, but education (as designed currently) is deadening, even deadly, where actuating potential is concerned. IMHO, the existance of the homeschooling movement is our brightest hope for an educated populace. God bless ALL of you with the skills and drive (and patience) for taking this on.

    As much as I stand staunchly behind the benefits of medication in my own experience, and as much as I wish it had been available to me at a MUCH younger age, I also wonder if I would have needed it at all if I had not been required to fit my square peg into education’s round hole. Perhaps, had my first 12 years of schooling been me-specific from a developmentally encouraging perspective, I would have learned ways to manage effectively — and the miracles of neuroplasticity would have “rewired” my brain to render meds unnecessary at this point in my life. We will never know.

    In any case, I don’t want to leave the wrong impression – I am neither pro-medication nor meds averse — I am pro Optimal Functioning, and pro-choice (meaning that I believe it is important to MAKE one, vs. reacting to fear-mongering or soundbite reportage). That implies (and requires) keeping an open mind long enough to look at the pros and cons of various alternatives, and making a decision that best fits one’s own unique situation, goals and values. What gets MY dander up is reading crusaders from either camp.

    My own soundbite is, “There ain’t no IS about ADD!” EVERY case is unique (and I say that with the background of 25 years of experience). Still, there are more than a few commonalities worth noting, which helps to make sense of one’s experience of life, allows for the repair and/or enhancement of self-esteem, and makes growth and change *possible* through the fostering of DRIVE.

    ALL of my writing (and coaching and training) is designed to begin by “rounding up the usual suspects” with the goal of understanding what each individual needs to do to get from where they are now to where THEY want to be. I firmly believe that, for almost all of us, the sky’s the limit.

    I await amazing things from your son – he’s getting a great head start on this life business from being smart enough to have chosen a great mom, totally in his corner, and ready, willing and able to home school!!!

    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, SCAC, MCC – (blogging at ADDandSoMuchMore and on ADDerWorld – dot com!)
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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