What if a person gave a speech on the Socratic Method?


Would they have to do the whole thing in the form of a question?


Could one give a speech in the Socratic Method?


What questions would he/she ask?


Would they get any answers?


Should they?


What if they asked questions that required #PowerfulAnswers like, What do you believe in?


Or perhaps, what defines a house?


What would they do about a topic, body and conclusion?


It is extremely challenging to get a #educoach who can help you in todays world isn’t it?


Who last really made you think?


Did you know Henry Ford said, the hardest job in the world is thinking, that’s why so few do it?


Don’t you think that is an amazing quote?


Have you ever wondered what other successful and famous people have said about things?


Did you know that by reading the writings of others you can educate yourself in any subject?


Have you ever read a book that really made you think?


Do you read books?


What is an Education?


Why would you want and Educational and Career Coach?


Would you like someone to help you think?


Would you like to have help clarifying major decisions with someone who has some experience?


What quantifies experience?


What makes a teacher?


What defines a parent?


All great questions aren’t they?


What great questions do you have?


Did you know there was a great debate?


Philosophers, dreamers, writers and teachers, aren’t they all a part of that debate?


You are a part of that debate too correct?


You do think about these things and help define them from your perspective don’t you?


How will we ever finalize this experiment of life?


You are going to go out and make the most of your life aren’t you?


Have you figured out that the socratic method is asking questions?


Do you think one could give a speech, or write a paper using only questions?


Does this have any clarity to it at all?


Did I make you think at all?


If so would you like help doing that more often?


You can go to and get in touch with me can’t you?



One Response to “TwitterTale”

  1. Reblogged this on Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp V 2.0 and commented:

    Can we have a #mobilechat?
    Do you ever hear those questions are hard? #Igetthatalot
    Have you ever seen The Hunger Games?
    Did you know I was asking questions around popular twitter topics trending right now?
    Why are Justin Timberlake and Sandra Bullock trending?
    What does that say about our world?
    Asking questions that lead to #PowerfulAnswers don’t trend, but celebrities do, why is that?
    Don’t enough people care anymore?
    What about the real problems of poverty?
    We know that is what causes drugs, crime, etc. so how could we end it?

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