Punctuality; Word of the Week

Punctuality (Photo credit: ilovebutter)


Word of the week this week.  Nothing like waking up hitting the snooze button first thing of a new week to really set it off not being punctual.

Thank goodness we have time to influence our children.  Punctuality, being punctual.  Getting to a predetermined appointment at the right time.

Being at the right place at the right time.  Showing up when your ship comes in, being at the right dock, at the right time.

We Americans are a funny lot, we get products manufactured with parts that arrive just in time to produce the product so it can be on the shelves, so you can have a chance to buy it right when you need it.

Yet we’re late to church or, don’t get to bed “on time” or maybe we are missing our individual goals.

No matter what, when we are punctual we aren’t late, aren’t early we’re just on time.

How do you teach a 4 year old about punctuality when he wonders if today is tomorrow or not?  He thinks 5 minutes is a lot.  His entire existence is summed up in less time than most people spend in college.

In our culture your punctuality or lack of it it says a lot about who you are.  What you stand for.  What you are all about.  If you want to do business with people in the U.S. you probably better be punctual.

We are a microwave society, we don’t want to wait.  We want it now, which is much more punctual than after now.  If I have to wait until after now, I’d like to not have to wait more than 30 seconds if that is possible.

To late I’m gone, off to something else.  Like writing something else….

Now we know why I’m posting this late.  Getting sidetracked, and off onto some other tangent instead of focusing on the here and now I’m late posting an article about punctuality!  Grr Argh.

Isn’t irony a big ol meany?

Came in here and messed this blog post all up.

So, now that I post this at 11:00 at night on Thursday I give up on this blog.  Punctuality is important but I’m not the one to teach you about it today!



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