Word of the Week; FOCUS!

FOCUS FOCUS ARTICHOKIS!!  The parent encouraged the little boy.


Look, listen, pay attention, FOCUS CHILD!  The parent said next.


We’re working on the importance of these 52 words.  This is one we utilize a lot.  Focus!  We have a almost 4 year old little man.  In today’s world of distractions, video games, squirrels, and constant pulls on ones attention learning to focus is extremely important.


How do we keep from getting distracted?  With beeps of Facebook posts, tweets, news, and phone calls.  “Look at that huge spider in the house!” father said.  Making it very hard to learn about the word focus.  Or to write about focusing when things distract you.  “How ironic we got distracted while trying to learn about focus” The Lady said.  What was I writing about again?  


Focus, like a laser!  In our world of ADD ADHD labels being placed on more and more people we now give great excuses for people who don’t focus on things they may or may not be interested in.  In our house we use the word focus when it is time to get ready especially.  For years people have promoted this idea of multi-tasking and multi-focusing, but we are learning that it is not working or a good idea.  In fact if we do not focus our success efforts on one thing we are more likely to fail at everything and not be successful at anything.  This can be especially troubling for the development of a little one.  They must find out how to succeed in one area at least.  Just like training a dog though, we have found that physical exertion is a great way to calm the mind and allow the ability to focus.


15 jumping jacks  go!


Little boys generally do learn well when they are doing something else while you read or teach them.  I know when I was young it was necessary to listen to music in order to focus on my homework.  It drove my Father nuts, but I had to focus on pushing the music out, in order to focus on allowing my reading or studying in.  When is your little one ignoring you, not focusing on you, and when are they simply occupying their mind in order to allow what you are trying to teach them to sink in?


Recently I picked up a trick from a professional trainer, who has found that for ADD and ADHD people in her seminars, that if she gives them a stress ball, something to squeeze and distract the person, they can actually focus better.  Focusing on one thing by distracting yourself with something else.  


Recently I was discussing parenting with someone and they mentioned in some countries especially in mathematics they focus on telling the children they are diligent workers.  Great at focusing.  Programing the little minds to work harder on projects.  So now when compared to their US counterparts these children taught to focus on problems and work hard to solve them stay at a problem far longer than the US children.  We microwaved Americans tend to want things now, and want things easy, so if something is to hard, or we think it is to hard we won’t focus on accomplishing it.  


Little man’s ability to focus when he wants to is amazing.  He’s already showed some real intensity when he wants to do something or feels like doing something.  So we know the potential is there.  Now it is a matter of programming into him he can focus for long periods.    After he first saw the Ratchet Rockers Robotics Team working on building their robot for the FIRST FRC championships he came home and began to disassemble every toy robot he had.  He even was able to get them back together, discovering how they work and the moving parts.  He’s 3!  That is awesome!   


It is a bit of a concern for me now though because of how crazy his first years have been.  Lots of travel, and road trips and being exposed to a variety of lifestyles and situations.  We will find out if it inhibits his ability to focus on simple things, when he is used to seeing the world go by quickly.  Though I do know that his willingness to focus on video games is plentiful!  Much to my chagrin.  Our original intent was to fill his mind with what is potentially out there.  Giving him the ability to think big and overcome obstacles.  Now I’m afraid that we might have built in distractions and changes to a negative level.  We shall see.   


What do we as parents focus on then?  Showing our kids a loving and happy home environment?  The value of hard work?  Do we focus on learning to read, or write?  Do we focus on training how to throw a ball, or ride a bike?  How to cook, how to take care of oneself?  That Facebook, texts, football, or work are more important than family, children’s request for attention, or our promises to play games?


Who knows!  The only experts on kids are their own parents.  Even most of them now a days aren’t experts but simply ships passing in the night.  This is one of the many reasons we picked homeschooling for our family, and to create a lifestyle that allows us the maximum amount of family time.  For us, that is the focus!  


I focus best when I______________


My child seems most focused when_____________________


My Spouse to me is focused on_______________________


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