Understanding the word of the week

Purpose is understanding why you are here.

WHILE creating the VoCAB List I began to notice a synchronistic correlation between the concepts and the energies shared in the evening.  How these concepts can carry over into larger and larger meaning.

It started with Random, and we began to question its appropriateness on the list, especially as a starting point.  Then we looked up the definition.  We realized this was what we were trying to avoid, this was what we needed to embrace, and that it could help highlight whether or not things coming up on the list are random or devine.

Freedom is what we continued with.  My favorite biblical quote is galations 5:01 “Freedom is what you have, christ has set you free, stand then and never become slaves again.”  Really it was the times and the reasons behind homeschooling that were leading us to do this in the first place.  Our freedoms we felt were being repressed, forgetting what it really meant.

LIBERTY came next, without her you can have no freedom.

Faith comes into question now because where do liberties come from and where do freedoms come from?

LOYALTY to what makes you, you and your purpose in life should be your focus

PATIENCE because things take time.

TIME is what you have, you have all the time in the world.  But it is running out so hurry along.

RELIGION how will you practice your new principles or is it just words?

Communication is necessary.  Punctuality is appreciated, and focus is required.

See things are going to be getting tough, so you’ll have to pay attention.

If you can discipline yourself to finish what you started.

Peace will come to you.

Lots of love for yourself and others will be required.  Along with Understanding of others and yourself.

Humility is a gift.  Open it often.

Pride can be both good and bad.

Optimism in your future should preside.

Let entrepreneurism be a guide.

It is helpful to keep others needs above your own.

TO be friendly, courteous, kind obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent, were provided by Baden Powell with the BSA.

Dedication will see you through.

Determination is decided by you.

Humility shows up again to remind us we aren’t perfect.

So be humble as we help show you a way.

Where capitalism can actually save the day.  Now what does this have to do with your spirituality?  You might ask.  But if you have no Ethics, then you will not succeed.

Diversity is a key to unlocking the future.  Knowledge is the door you must enter

Wisdom to know your purpose may just show itself in the form of your character.

So if yours is called in for questions like, what skills do you have.  What talent do you posess?  Be somewhat frugal in your response.  For an abundance of information in some instances may not be required.  See 5th amendment for more information on this.

Family is most important and sometimes friends can really be family.

These 52 words that we just seemingly randomly began throwing out as a way to provide vocabulary words turned into a testament to our lives together and how these concepts and principles shaped us.  It lead us to have a quality lifestyle.  We were happy but still wanted to do more, build more, become more of who God sent us here to be.

With new focus we got busy creating the beginning slides, story, and within a week had an excellent first draft production.

As we began copying and reading the definitions it seemed like the concepts we wanted stressed the most held the least information and the concepts that seemed like it should have a simple understanding seemed to be the concepts with the most information.  Understanding was a big one.  It took loads of words, to express what understanding is.

Even as I tried to write it out for this weeks WOW Blog it was quite a challenge, because understanding cannot be judged by the deliverer, but can be impacted directly by the deliverer.  Hopefully; sharing this story of our 52 Week homeschool curriculum for our 4 year old toddler, we have encouraged you to take on the fun of making the plan to homeschool.  Your little boy’s and girls, are to be reared to become Ladies and Gentleman, you know men, and women, so that they don’t grow up and still behave as little boys, and girls when they are 30!  Because who wants their kid living in their basement playing video games when they should be out making the most of their existence?

Do we have an understanding of the need for looking at homeschool planning as something bigger than reading, writing, and arithmetic?  It is about shaping the who, they are, not the what they will become.


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