Pride. Word of the week

This weeks word of the week, from the University of Freedom’s 52 week vocabulary primer for toddlers is PRIDE.

We all know as adults that the pride comes before the fall.  Pride is a sin abominable to God.  Yet Im sure we are all proud of our toddler boys and girls.  Proud of them walking talking and developing into adults we can be proud of. 

How do you teach a four year old about pride?  In our home we teach taking pride in the work you do.  Our little man is required to clean his room every night before bed, by hisself, and encourage him to decide what a good job looks like.  Where can you find ways for kids in your life to learn self esteem by taking pride in their decisions?

What about being pridefull you may ask.  In my humble opinion if we focus on building proper self esteem in our toddlers then we wont have to worry about pride in the negative.  We also have last weeks word humility.

What activities do you use to instill things to be proud of?


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