Thrifty; Word of Week

I won’t even begin to try and do this word justice with all that is possible in the world to be more thrifty.  I just saw today a lady who makes t-shirt bags, especially useful to the homeless, and those without transportation to be able to carry their belongings.

As a combination prepper/sustainability nut I find all kinds of ways to turn one mans trash into another mans treasure.  Utilizing things outside of their intended use is the ultimate in thrift.  Many times we in the 1st world don’t have to be so inventive.  We have enough space to store more stuff than we can use in a year, putting things away to use when we need it, then finding out we never really needed it.  Or if we did, we couldn’t get to it because it was buried behind to much other stuff we were holding onto.

Since recently moving, little man and I built a free garden.  Thriftily using some plastic tote bins, some compostable materials laying around the yard, and scraping up a few inches of topsoil dirt from underneath piles of leaves, and viola we have a new garden box.  Took us about 15 minutes, and we had to carry the plastic bins about a block and a half.  Since we were walking home anyway, it wasn’t to big of a deal.

I heard a joke once, “why do people in Arkansas prefer clear trash bags?    So they can all window shop”  Having lived in Arkansas for 5 years I can attest that you don’t leave something near a curb if you aren’t ok with people taking it home.  Thrifty.

Even today we don’t walk, or drive around without looking at things for what they could be, not what they are.  Every empty building is a transformed place that serves a need in its’ community.  Trash is a treasure of building materials, and potential what ifs.

Thrift is also getting rid of things we no longer use/need.  Finding out just how little we need.  Utilizing only what we must have.  It is getting rid of all the dishes that you don’t need in a day, which for a family of three is pretty much anything over 5 plates, bowls, utensils, glasses, etc…  Thrifty

During times of economic struggle, or in places of want, ingenuity and thrift are excellent allies.  Knowing how to make useful things, out of things that may have outlived their usefulness is a very barter based skill set.  So if you can build a weapon out of old paper, rubber-bands, and elastic from your underwear you might come in handy.  How to refuel a Bic lighter, or how to make rope out of plastic bags. Thrifty

In costa rica tetrapak is used to package milk, and a plethora of other products.  It is also flattened out, and used to build roof shingles.  Thrifty

A little boy in CA turned his fathers auto shop into a cardboard arcade, and waited for over a year to get a single customer.  Now he has been named an entrepreneur of the year and sparked a global revolution in cardboard games made by kids.  Thrifty

The US Government, unable to manage their budget, having overextended their credit, cancels White House tours as part of sequestration.  Also know as being thrifty.  Then proceeds to spend over 1300 weeks worth of tours on a presidential trip to Africa.  Not thrifty..this is why WH uses sequestration.  In our homeschool planning house, we call thrift a way of life..a good thing.  That is why it is in our 52 weeks.

This is also a word sworn to by every boy scout.  A scout is thrifty.

What thrifty projects does your family do?

Man of thrift?

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