Join The Adventure

The Adventures of Conrad Von Supertramp is a transmedia storytelling event developed in 2008 as a means of creating sustainable employment for people with congenital birth defects.  With a mission of increasing awareness about Americas #1 birth defect Congenital Heart Defects, which is plaguing 1 in 100 kids today.

Conrad Adventures around the virtual and real world finding sustainable solutions for our everyday problems.  A CHD survivor himself, he grapples with questions about where we are heading and the future realities of where we are going.

A cyborg from the future he rides his Space Chopper through multiple dimensions of time and space.  Join him on his missions to revolutionize education, healthcare and more.

Look for him throughout the web or find out more at


One Response to “Join The Adventure”

  1. Supertramp Consulting is a transmdimensional sustainability consulting company helping business and individuals emmerse themselves into the business of self. Teaching you how to get paid to do what you love. In essence how to create a sustainable life based on your own unique “character” attributes. We then guide you through building your virtual employment solution. Creating a free business that can sustain you for the rest of your life. No more layoffs, slowdowns, economic cataclysms for you. You can read our free ebook at attend training at or learn more about the Author at Or jump straight into the consulting realm at If you learn better visually please go to the

    Thank you and God bless your endeavors more than he has mine.

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